One Direction Imagines

Want one? Of course you do!
Things you need to do:
1. Your character name
2. Characters appearance
3. The boy you want
4. Characters age
I will make them as fast as the comments will come :)


2. Tyeli and Liam

Tylie's POV:

I woke up to my phone buzzing telling me that I had gotten a message from Liam! My crush that I had on him since freshman year! I'm now 17 and I am graduating sometime this month! I opened up my messages and Liam's read;

From: Liam :)

Hey Tyeli :) I was wondering if you wanted to meet me by the bakery. You know the one we met at ;) see ya at 2:00

It was already 12:30! I sprung out of my bed and into my closet and picked out a grey sweater and some dark blue Hollister skinny jeans with some white Vans. I brushed my dirty blonde hair ad crimping only my neon rainbow highlights so they would stand out more than usual. The bright purple one is Liam's favorite, he said they bring out my big brown eyes. I put in some blush and mascara then walked to the door.

I texted Liam telling him I was on the way and that I would be there in two minutes. I walked all the way to the bakery till I saw Liam sitting in a booth with two muffins and coffee. I joined him and we began eating our muffins and talking about the school year and what we were going to do when graduation comes. I turn silent when he asks me what I want to do when out of high school. My heart sunk to the pit of my stomach and I lost my appetite. "Well I was thinking about going to college..." I trailed off looking at Liam. He pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose for they were falling down. He found his favorite purple strand and started twirling it.

"Tyeli....would you mind going to college as my girlfriend?" He asked still twirling my hair. I looked up shocked. "!" I managed to spit out. He just giggled and leaned into kissing my lips. They collided together perfectly. When we broke the kiss we walked out different from when when we walked out, hand in hand together.

I could get used to this :) his hands were so big and soft and his eyes were welcoming. One thing I'm sure of is I'm never letting this boy go!

* Hope you liked it :)

Tell me your opinion on it in the comments :)

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