One Direction Imagines

Want one? Of course you do!
Things you need to do:
1. Your character name
2. Characters appearance
3. The boy you want
4. Characters age
I will make them as fast as the comments will come :)


3. Mackenzie and Harry

Mackenzie's POV:

I walked down the aisles of the grocery store with my mum. I didn't like going to the store! I never was allowed to get anything that I would want. I helped my mum load up the cart when everyone's heads turned to a screaming crowd. I walked closer trying to et a better look.

The crowd was outside across the street. All these girls were crowding something. "Kenzie! Get back here now!" My mother yelled. I just ignored her. What if someone got hurt. I looked at the street in front of me then at my mum behind me. I ran across the busy street to the crowd. I squeezed my way through to feel myself fall but caught by non-other than Harry. I looked at his green eyes as he looked in my ocean blues.

"Hello love, are you alright." Harry asked as he stood me up. "Yes I am thank you..for catching me, I mean hello I mean you're gorgeous! Wait what?" I said stumbling on my words rambling on. He just laughed. "Hahaha thank you." He said. I just rubbed my arm looking down blushing biting my lip. There was silence when he took my hand and write something on my hand. He winked at me and when're back to the mobbing fans.

I looked at my had and quickly hid it so no one would get his number from me. I raced back to the store with my mum clearly pissed off at me. "Mackenzie Jin Slater! What the hell? Haven't I told you a thousand times to not walk off like that!" She yelled. I knew she was mad since she used me full name. I just blocked her out with my thoughts. I replayed that scene over and over again.

I got home and immediately texted Harry.

To: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Hey Harry is Mackenzie :) you caught me from that fall earlier. Just text me whenever. Also can you call me Kenzie thanks

I saved his number into my phone and laid on bed when I got a message. It was from Harry!

From: Harry ;)

Hello....Kenzie :) Are you okay? And I like that name! It's beautiful just like you! ;)

I blushed like crazy.

To: Harry ;)

Awe thanks Harry :) That made me smile.

From: Harry ;)

Awe you're welcome babe. Hey since me and the lads are here for a tour wanna come to meet me at the park?

I smiled at the screen and quickly said yes and agreed to meet him at 5:30 tonight!

I got ready butting on a light pink mini skirt and some black vans with a white shirt and a gold necklace. I brushed my dirty blonde hair. I loved how it laid on my shoulders. I walked out the door and walked to the park. I saw Harry and he was swinging on the swing. I walked up to him and hugged him from whims inhaling his cologne. "Hello Harry." I said as he turned around. "Hello Mackenzie." He said smiling.

*4 months later*

Me and Harry have been hanging out for a while and he just texted me!

From: Harry ;)

Hey Kenzie. I have known you for 4 months now and I or practically know everything about you! I wanted to know would you like to be the girlfriends of Harry Styles?

I screamed and answered;

To: Harry ;)

YES!!! OMG 100 times yes yes yes!

*3 years later*

You get married and had 3 kids

Name: Alex

Name: Darcy

Name: Kenzie


Hoped you like it :)

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