Dreams and Goals

Caunstine is obsessed with hockey, it's her life, and hopefully her future. Can everything she's been working for for years be worthless because of a sexist coach?


2. October 16th

Today is October 16th, after school I have hockey practice. We have an important game of Friday, just 3 days and 2 practices from now. It's the first game of the season, but there are going to be important coaches there, one's who coach some of the best teams in the country! They're going to be scouting for future recruits, extremely talented kids to keep their eyes on. 

I got to practice with Mila and the fist person we saw was Spencer. His dirty blonde hair was already plastered with sweat to his forehead and neck. He was dressed in his full goalie gear, and the number 2. 

"Hey girls." he chuckled. As he walked past me he shouldered me, I shoved him back and he hit the wall. MIla laughed and we continued walking to the change room, our big, hockey bags draped over our shoulders. When we change we laugh and tell stories, then we always tie each other's skates, because we find it easier to tie someone else's skates than it is to tie your own.

Practice is always hard, a lot of drills, skating back and forth and back and forth, sometimes we take shots on net. Today we did extra drills, and no practice game at the end. We started with suicides, then some shots on net, after that we teamed up and did some more drills. My team was Matthew, Drew, William and I. 

I was skating beside Drew, we were like one person, to the right of the net was Matthew, waiting for the puck. William was just beside us to the left. The puck traveled back and forth between Drew and I. We were just a few feet from the net when I passed it to William and he took it into the corner and around the back of the net to Matthew. He passed it and Matthew knocked it past Spencer and into the back of the net. A very successful play. 


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