That Pit (a Liam Payne one shot)

This is how a pitbull can change the lives of two people brought together by a desire to help a helpless animal in desprite need of help, love, and a family.


1. That Pit (one Shot)


     "By Tia!" I shouted as I left Villalobos. I worked here as a volunteer here everyday after work. Awkwardly enough I work in a local vet center in New Orleans as a receptionist. Animals were always a love of mine, and pitbulls were my passion. I even had one of my own at home. Everything about them seemed to pull me in, the way they want to be loved, or how they aren't like any other dogs. As I walked down a lonely street on my way home, I heard a faint whimpering from the forest next to me.

    Me being a massive curious person, braved what was in the woods to find what creature needs help. I "clawed" through the bushes and branches, reaching a small open field. Right across from me was a small, skinny pitbull puppy with a heavy chain around is next- chained to a post. I wanted to collapse and cry right there. As I steadied toward it, I noticed that there was no water, food, or shelter for this poor pit. "Hey baby." I said, crouching in front of him. What surprised me was that he came right up to me, not showing an ounce of fear in his body. "Well aren't you a sweetie." I said, petting him as he "attacked" me with kisses. I decided that I need to get him out of her but the chain isn't going to come off easily.

    "I'll be right back." I said getting up and taking off towards the road to go back to Villalobos. As I stepped out of the forest, a black Range Rover pulled over, next to me. "Hey, you alright?" a guy with a British accent asked, rolling down the passenger side window to talk to me. I doubted trusting him but I needed to get that pitbull out of the woods. "Yeah do you know where Villalobos is?" I asked. He nodded, "I need to get there quickly. There's a pitbull puppy tired up in the forest over here and there's a heavy chain around his neck. I-" "I have a pair of cutters in the trunk. I'm borrowing them from my friend before you ask." he said, smirking and getting out, opening the trunk and getting them out.

     "So um, how old does this pup look?" he asked, shutting the trunk- cutters in hand. "I'd say about 3 to 6 months. Not much older." He nodded as I led him back to the field. "He's really sweet, by the way." I told him as we came through the bushes to the field. The pup perked up seeing us back. "God, he's cute." this guy said, smiling at the adorable pup. I crouched down in front of him again, "I never got you name?" I asked. "I'm Liam, what about you?" "Marissa" I said smiling.

     All of a sudden a gunshot went off in the distance. "We have to get him out of here." we said at the same time. "Hold him still and I'll cut the chain. I nodded, clutching the scared puppy to my chest. With a small difficulty, Liam cut the chain from his neck. "Oh my god." I said rubbing the pup's neck, now free from the chain. "Let's get him out of here." Liam said, picking up the chain. I picked up the puppy, carrying him back to the road. "Where do you live?" he asked, quickly putting the chain and cutters in the trunk. "About three blocks away from here." "Get in I'll drive you." I nodded, getting into the passenger seat, just as another shot went off. He climbed in through the trunk, shutting it, and climbing over the seats. I laughed loudly, while the pup wagged his tail.

    The drive was short back to my house. "Second house on the right is mine." I said as we turned down my street. Liam pulled into the drive way, "You want to come in." "Sure" he said, turning off the ignition and stepping out of the truck. With a careful hold on the pup, I led Liam into my house. "Nice house." "Thank you." I brought the pup into the kitchen. "BRISLIE!" I called out. I put the pup down on the floor, getting out the dog food from cabinet. "You have a roommate?" Liam asked. I smirked, "Not exactly..." "What do y-" He couldn't finish his sentence before my pitbull jumped on him, a kissed him face.

     I turned around, giving the puppy the food. "That, Liam, is Brislie."  I laughed as he unsuccessfully tried to get her off him. Calming down, I called for Brislie- her immediately coming to me. Liam got up from the floor. "That's a strong dog you got there." he said walking into kitchen, taking a seat at the table. "I know, but she's a sweetheart at heart." I said, looking down at her, laid at my feet. "So, what should we name this little guy?" Liam asked, scuffling the pup's fur. "How about  MC? You know, because his fur is like milk chocolate. Plus it sounds like he's a cute little rapper. " Liam smiled at it, so I took it as a yes.

     MC finished the food not long after. "You wanna go out back for a little bit?" I asked. "Sure." I opened the back door, both pitbulls immediately running out and playing. Me and Liam took a seat on the porch steps. "So, what do you do?" Liam asked, watching the two pits play. "I'm a receptionist at a local vet and I'm a volunteer at Villalobos." "Cool. So, uh, what do you look for in a guy?" I looked over at him, confused. "What?" "Nevermind, so what you like to do?" "I love listening to music, but dogs are my passion. I actually foster dogs." "Really? That's cool. Is that how you have Brislie?" "No she's mine I originally was going to foster her but something told me to adopt her. Now we're inseparable." I explained as I stared at her, laying in the grass.

    "That's sweet. I have a dog back in Britain." "Really? What breed?" "A golden lab. Her name's Brit."  smiled, "That's cute." We talked until the sun started to set. "Baby's come on in." I called for Brislie and MC. Brislie ran in, MC behind her. "They seem to have gotten along well." Liam said walking in with me. "Yeah they have." "Shit I have to get back." Liam said, looking at his watch. "Let me walk you out." I led him through the house, opening the front door.

     "I hope we can get together soon. I had fun today." I said, leaning on the door. "Yeah me too." Liam said, staring deep in my eyes. "Um..." Before I knew it, Liam's lips were on mine. I moved my lips in sync with his after overcoming the shock. I laced my fingers around his neck; his going around my waist. He pulled away a few minutes later. "I really wanna do that again sometime." he said, staring down at me- his 5'10" height over towering my 5'7". "I would really like that too." I said, pecking his lips again.

-----------------------------------------FIVE YEARS LATER--------------------------------------------------------

       "Liam! where is Macey's sundress?" I yelled to my husband upstairs. "In the dryer!" he yelled back. I got my daughter's favorite sundress, going back into her room where I found her playing with MC and Brislie. MC's now four and half, while Brislie's six. "Macey, come one. You have to get dressed or we can't go to the picnic." I told y daughter. "But I don't wan to!" She yelled in her two year voice. "Need some help?" Liam said from the door.

     "Yes, please. We have to leave in five minutes or else we'll be late." Today, Villalobos was having an employee and family picnic. Liam laughed, walking over to help Macey get her dress on. "Go get the dogs ready babe, I got her." he said, picking her up. I nodded, walking out- both dogs following. I got them in their collars and on their leases. Just as I hooked MC on his lease, Liam walked out with Macey in his arms; fully dressed. "That's my baby girl." I said kissing her cheek; making her giggle.

    I grabbed my bag and the leases, while Liam got the car keys and Macey's bag- which mainly consisted of toys, crayons, paper, an some dippers (just in case). As we loaded the truck, both dogs all the way in the back, Macey in her car seat behind us, and me and Li in the front. As drove by some of the forest, I noticed a familiar place. "Hey li, isn't that the place where we found MC?" I asked as we stopped, waiting for cars. "Yeah it is babe." I smiled as we drove the rest of the way. And to think; That Pit pup started all of this between me and Liam.

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