Love at first sight?

This story is about a young girl named Amanda Water's, Who finally her dream come's true but it take's wild twist's and turn's With one of the one direction Member's

Enjoy :3


4. Was I?

I wake up in my Bed for some reason Remembering what happened with Liam last night I sigh, Getting up and walking too the bathroom Their was a pregnant Test on the sink And one was used, "Angelina..." I say Waking her up, "ANGELINA!" I yell. "Hmm?" She says looking at me. "YOUR PREGNANT TEST WAS POSSITIVE!" I yell, "Y-Yeah.." She says sighing. "Great new's Im Pregnant.." She says Closing her eyes and Sighing, "I should go try one.." I say. 'What Why?" She asks me, "Me and Liam.. Had It in the car last night.." I say Going into the bathroom and closing the door, I stick it in, I look at the sink and the Test. 'Angelina" I yelled too her. "Yes" She says walking into the bathroom. "Look" I say Giving her the test. It came out Positive "Oh.. What are you going too tell Liam Hes not even your boyfriend!" She Say's "Is he awake?" I ask her. 'Im pretty sure" She say's I open the door and take the test with me I walk down the hall way to 2D and knocks on the door. "Harry open up!" I yell, Harry open's the door. 'What?" He says, I show him the test "Oh.." He invites me in. "Liam?" I say Waking him up.. "Hmm?" He say's turning over too me and our eyes meet. 'Oh hey Amanda" He say's "What's that in your hand?" He asks me taking it out. His eye's Widen.. "Im Pregnant.." I say Sitting on Liam's Bed starting too cry, "Amanda.." He says Quietly Rubbing his hand on my Back, "That's Great News.." He says trying too make me feel better. "No it's NOT MY MOM WILL KILL ME!" I say Running Too 2A, "Angelina let me in please, I forgot my key." She open's the door. "Aman-?" Before She could finish I slam the Bathroom door and started too cry. A sudden Knock on the door Accured. 'Who is it!" I yell Wiping the tears off my face And opening the door. "Zayn.. Niall" I hug Niall.. "I don't know what too do." Zayn Looks at me. 'It's Alright You can do this." I look at Angelina. "Niall Im Pregnant" She says Smiling. "Wow really" "Yes" Angelina Says Looking at me. "Niall go too her i'll be in the food Court if anyone need's me. I sit at a table Eating a Tub Of Fruit. A Hand Touches my Shoulder It was Liam. "Oh.. Hey" I say eating my fruit, He sits next too me. "Hey it's not your fault if I wouldn't of got drunk this wouldn't of happened" liam said Kissing my Cheek, I lay My head on his Shoulder, "I guess your right" I say a tear rolling down my Cheek "I love you" He says "I love you too" I say..



There Ya'll Wanted Angelina and Amanda pregnant Now you got it :3 Hope you Enjoyed!


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