Love at first sight?

This story is about a young girl named Amanda Water's, Who finally her dream come's true but it take's wild twist's and turn's With one of the one direction Member's

Enjoy :3


3. Party Accedent.

It was a Friday night At 12:00 A.M the boy's were all up Me and Angelina Shared a room now We became Instant Best friend's Liam Woke Up Angelina and Zayn woke me up. "MMM" I grunted As I see Zayn hovering over me. "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!" I yell as i sit up I pushed him off "Chill the hell out Mate, I'm Just trying too wake you up" He say's Laughing Looking at Liam "Yeah, Anyway's what time is it!" Angelina asks yawning. "It's 12:00 A.M Mate" Liam say's "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU MAKE ME UP SO FUCKING EARLY!" Angelina Yelled Smacking Liam Away from her Quietly "Ow" Liam say's Walking out the door. "GET DRESSED IN YOUR SEXIEST CLOTHS WERE GOING TO THE CLUB!" Zayn Say's Dancing out the door. "Erm-- okay.." I say getting up brushing my teeth putting on my "Sexist cloth's" And putting on my Purple Van's And See's Harry walking down the hallway. "HARRY WAIT UP!" I say walking beside him. "OOO" He says looking me up and down. "You sexy" He say's "Eh, Harry Fucking don't flirt with me Or else." I say Slapping his cheek Gently and walk's Off. "Damn look At the Ass, I like a Fiesty One" He say's Catching up too me. "Hey Love boy!" Angelina yell's back "Leave Amanda Alone" She giggles grabbing my Hand and we run to the club. 'Fine" He sigh's Running with us. We saw Niall waiting  On the staircase " Hey Angelina Come here" He says Leading her upstairs too the Lounge room. "Okay, ill be back Amanda No drinking!" She says running up stair's with niall. "No promises" I giggle sitting at the bar not in the mood to drink just yet. "Hey" Louis Say's Sitting next too her. "You Amanda right?" He asks me "Yes, And Hey Louis" I say sighing and Leaning back. "Ah, Well I need too go meet my girlfriend, I'll...... Talk too you later Okay, mate" He say's getting out of his chair. "Alright" I say Going too see what Niall and Angelina were up too I hide behind the corner Hearing Moaning Coming from the Room. "Niall, Harder" Angelina Moan's "I Try not to Laugh or scream. A Condom Flies out of the room. "Oh Shit their Not using Protection, Fucking Idiot's" I say Sitting down hearing Footstep's I cover my mouth. But it was only Liam. "Oh Hey Liam" I say Grunting " Hey So let me guess their Having Sex again..?" He asks me "Yeah I guess their Not using Protection", "Sure they are, They alway's Do" I pick up the condom with my Jacket  Sleeve. "Proof" I say to him throwing it down stair's. "Ew" I grunt Liam Laugh's. The moaning and the Banging Stop's. "What are you guy's doing!!!" Niall come's Out. "Oh shit" Liam say's grabbing my hand and going too the car. "I don't think they Will get us here" He laugh's "Me neither" I say Looking at the Shardena. "You Want Wine?" He asks me. "Sure I guess" He pour 2 glasses of Shardena and gives one too me. "Well This turned out to be a fantastic night!" I say Laughing and taking a drink of the Wine. "Yeah you wish." He laughs Gulping down the Drink pouring another. "Want more?" He ask's me. "Sure I guess" I say (8 Glass's Later) "Hey Amanda, I like you" He say's Clearly Drunk. "Eh-- I like you too....." I say Not clearly Drunk (Stating the Obvious) Liam lean's in for a kiss. "Liam?" I say before out lip's Touch, (IT WAS FUCKING MAGICAL!)(FUCK IM GUESSING WE MIGHT HAVE SEX I DONT KNOW SHIT, WE DONT HAVE FUCKING PROTECTION DAMN'IT) "Liam.." I say Quietly. "S-Stop" I say Pushing him back "What's Wrong? He asks me. "Well First thing YOUR DRUNK SO THIS MEAN'S NO FUCKING SHIT FOR YOU!, Second their's No god damn Protection" I say Looking at the condom box that was empty. "I don't care.." He say's Pushing me on the seat too Lie down. "L-l" Before I could say his name He Take's Off his shirt (DAMN THOUGH'S AB'S DOUGH!) I think too Myself, He Grab's onto my Side And takes off my shirt, Un Hooking my Bra, before the flash of my eye we were both Naked "Liam.." I say As he Pushes Inside me. (4 hour's later) Me and liam were Bear Naked On the seat's, No condom too be found.





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