Love at first sight?

This story is about a young girl named Amanda Water's, Who finally her dream come's true but it take's wild twist's and turn's With one of the one direction Member's

Enjoy :3


2. Hollywood Meet up

The next Day, I wake up at 5:30, I get dressed pack my thing's and run downstair's "MOM IM LEAVING!" I yell as she runs downstair's "What!?!?!?!?!?!?" She asks me worried "Remember Flight, Won, Come on I don't have time too say this again" I say giggling and running to catch the taxi (10 hour's later) "Ah, Hollywood Nice" I say getting off the bus and walk's to The place where he told me too meet him at, I see a black limo Drive up in front of me the window goes down. "Get in Ms.Water's" The man say's opening the door for me. 'Alright.." I say sitting onto the seat. "Im mr.Bolton By the way." He says smiling and relaxing and pour's himself a glass of Shardena "Oh nice too meet you Mr.Bolton" I say smiling and Opening my window seeing a huge Hotel, The door man open's the door for me. "Why thank you" I say Putting a 5 dollor tip in his Shirt Pocket. He smiles and nods. "Wow this place is amazing" I say as I walk inside. "Over here Is a elevator" He say's "Ok thank's" I say going into the Elevator. "It's Floor 4" He say's before the elevator close's. "I reach Floor 4, And not looking where I was going I bumped into A girl. "Whoop's Sorry" I say Looking at her. "Oh it's Fine" The girl say's "Im Amanda" I say. "Oh I'm Angelina, You won the contest didn't you?" She asks me "Yes" I say. "Well I'll walk you too Niall's And Zayns Hotel room If you would like" She says Grabbing my hand and going to 2B. She knock's on the door Niall Answer's it. "Hey Babe, Who do you have with you?" He asks her kissing her cheek and inviting us inside. "I have too use the bathroom" I say Opening the door. Zayn open's the shower Curtain Butt Naked. "Uh---- Hi---" He say's grabbing his towel. "Eh Im sorry I didn't hear the shower running" I say Running out of the bathroom. "Umm why didn't you tell me Zayn was taking a shower!, I just saw HIS DICK!" My heart Raced "Sorry" Angelina Said Looking at Niall. Zayn come's out dressed, "Hey it's not your fault I should of locked the door" Zayn Started too Crack up, He put's on his shoes and head's out the door. "Honestly I didn't know he was taking a shower" Angelina say's Sitting on the Bed, Niall Sit's next too her "I knew I just thought he Had his towel Around him" Niall Laugh's "NIALL!" Angelina Smack's His arm, "Really!?!?!?" I yell and giggle at the same time, I heard the door open I turn around looking face-To-Face with LIAM PAYNE!!!. "Fuck your even Sexier up close" I say, He raises his eyesbrows. 'What?" I Freeze up. "I-I'm going to go to the food court" I say running faster than  cheetah down the Corridor


Corridor: A Long Hall

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