Love at first sight?

This story is about a young girl named Amanda Water's, Who finally her dream come's true but it take's wild twist's and turn's With one of the one direction Member's

Enjoy :3


5. Going home. And Baby Birth.

It has been a month now since I have been with one direction And it was time for me too go back home,"Liam" I say as I kiss his Lip's "I'll see you soon Ok?" I say Hugging Zayn,Louis,Harry,Niall,And Angelina "I Will see you guy's Next time. (20 Hour's later) I knocked on the door. "MY MY HONEY!" "Hi mom I say as a could barly Fit through the door because of my stomach. "Honey?" My mom asks concerned. "Why is your belly Huge?" She asks me "I-I'm pregnant" I say "WITH WHOS BABY!?" My mom yelled. "Liams.." I say quietly, I felt Pain I Started too scream "My Waterbroke!" I yelled at my mom I started too Pant and Gasp as I stood there Paralized "OMG" My mom called the Manager of one direction and told them too go meet up with them as quick as possiable. Angelina Already had her Baby, So she was coming with them. We arrive at the hostpital they lay Me down And I have ton's Of Contraction's "It's coming!" I yell as Liam And the rest of the band come in. "Im going too ask you to leave and let be by herself." The Doctor Said pushing them out "Let me in at least. "Angelina!" I said Screaming. "Ok young lady you can come in since your A good Friend" The doctor Said lifting up the sheet I spread my leg Wide and screamed At I pushed the baby out. "AHHH IT HURTS SO BAD, FUCK ,FUCK FUCK FUCK!" I yelled, I heard Crying And a baby was lieing on my chest I Grab it Gently and kiss its head, She's A girl.." I say as I started too Cry. 'Aww What are you going too name her?" Angelina Asked me, "I'll Name her Emily" I smiles (1 hour later) "Liam" I say as I hold the baby come and see her. "Oh My god" He says as a tear rolls down his cheek, 'Shes amazing" He says as he kisses my lips and Walks with me Too the Parking Lot, "Liam.. You can't stay with me.." I say as I start too cry, "I know.." He said sighing. "Yes you can Honey" My mom says Looking at me and liam together, "You guys have a baby, That is amazing and I would hate too see you guys break apart because of Different States.. Go with him.." My mom kisses Emily's Head and My Head and hugs me. 'I love you" "I love you too mom. (1 Year later, Me and liam got married Niall and Angelina Named their baby Boy Zack And got married As well sooner or later Angelina had another baby and It was a girl, She named it Scarlett.)



I hope you guy's Enjoyed my Book I know I didn't put a lot in it But I got bored and tired of writing it But hope you enjoyed Anyways :3

Bye ~LiamLover108

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