Love at first sight?

This story is about a young girl named Amanda Water's, Who finally her dream come's true but it take's wild twist's and turn's With one of the one direction Member's

Enjoy :3


1. Dream Come true

Amanda Water's Dream was about too come true, She didn't know what kind of twist's and turn's will happen, Tune in and see.



"Amanda?" My mom walk's into the room sitting on my bed and shakes me too wake up "Mm" I grunt as I lock my fingers on my bed post, "Amanda Scarlett Water's I don't have time for this today" She says pulling my legs "Mmmmmmm" I grunt again "Ok,Ok Dang" I say sitting up And looking at my mom "Amanda don't say that word!" She says smacking my butt and getting off the bed and walking downstairs. I grunt and pull the cover's over my head and sigh getting up and running downstair's "Is breakfast ready?" I ask Grabbing the bottle of Orange juice and pouring it into a glass cup setting it down on the table. "Yes it is, It's sitting on the table." She say's "It look's good Mom" I say taking a biscut and a couple bacon and some egg's and toast. "Where's Mike?" I asked scarphing down my toast "Hes Still Asleep" My mom says pouring a glass of coffee into her favorite mug And setting it on the table grabbing a piece of toast and some eggs and bacon. Mike Run's down stair's "BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He say's grabbing the whole plate of bacon and scarphing it down "MIKE!" I yell pushing him "I was going too eat more you Moron!" I yell at him "Amanda Leave your brother alone" My mom says putting her hand on my arm And having a stern look on her face. I roll my eye's "Sorry.." I say taking another bite of my Bacon, "HA!" My brother teased me, "Hey knock it off you two" My mom yells "She started it!' Mike yells taking all the biscuts and putting them on his plate, "No I didn't You little lier!" I yell at him throwing a piece of toast across the table, "Both of you knock it off NOW!" My mom yells again slamming her hand on the table Glanceing at me, "Whatever, i'm done" I say getting out of my chair and running up Stair's, I slam my door Plugging in my dad's old guitar and start's playing a song I made up called "Unknown Love" But no lyric's I thought I was awful at singing but everyone else said I was amazing, Which according too me means "THAT WAS AWFUL!" But not saying it because they didn't want too be mean. All of a sudden my mom walk's into my room I ignored her she unplug's my guitar From the speakers "HEY!" I yell, "Oh shut up." My mom say's "I got your Last report card today, And it was not very good" She say's giving me the look of disappointment. Yay just my luck I got a c in math a b in science a F in critical thinking and of course a F in world History Just my luck my mom see's it. "Oh..." I say looking down at my report card I grab it out of her hand's and sit on my bed "I'm trying I really am" I say looking at my Sock's. "Honey.." My mom say's sitting next too me and taking my Report card out of my hand's "If you were really trying you would have A's" My mom said chuckling and gives me a hug. "Im just messing with you sweetheart" She says kissing my cheek. "Oh and there is a call for you downstair's" She says getting up and out of my Bedroom. 'Okay" I say running down stair's and picking up the phone. "Hello?" I say into the phone. "Yes Hi is this Amanda Water's?" The Man ask's me "Yes, Why what is it?" I say stuttering "Oh did you Send a application too the 1D Hang out Month?" He say's Questionable "Yes, Sir." I say my hand's getting claimy."Well you won" He announces, "Come down to Hollywood at 12400 Chaple Water Street, At 12:00 P.M SAP, We will meet you there Too bring you too where the Boy's are staying" He say's and Hang's up. "Uhhh." I freeze I put up the phone when my mom walk's in I turn too her. "What's Wrong sweety?" She ask's me, I scream "I WON!!!!!!!!" I say "You won what?" She asks me "THE 1D HANG OUT DAY!!!!!" I Scream on the top f my lung's "That's Great Honey... When do you have too leave?" She asks Me "I think tomorrow at 5:00 A.M" I say. "Where do we have too be at?" She asks me Questionable, "Oh your not coming I have to take a plane there" My mom froze up. "Well alright.." She says walking upstair's I scream for the last time Running upstair's.


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