Do you even know me?

Niall fanfic if you want to be a character tell me


2. ^-^

I clicked on the contact that had the name steph assuming it was that girls Stephanie contact. He most previous message was from 4 years ago."Niall,I wish you good luck on the X factor and I will be cheering for you, but why did you just leave? You left me without saying a goodbye, and it hurt. But why?" The message said. There were some memories flooding back into my mind but they weren't clear. I just shook it out of my mind and continued to take pictures with the fans. When it was over I went outside for some air and to be alone from all the fans. I heard some soft sobs coming from a bush next to me. I moved the leaves and and found that girl Stephanie sitting on the ground." Um hello" I said. She looked up,her beautiful brown eyes blood shot red from the crying I apparently caused. "Niall!" She said as she came out of the bush and embraced me in a hug."please please please tell me you remember me, or us."She said. " I'm so sorry I honestly don't remember." She slowly pulled away from the hug looking at at the ground saying," oh.....okay..." She started to walk away but I grabbed her arm." Wait-Stephanie ." It was familiar saying her name. "Yes?"She barley said above a whisper while turning around while looking at me in the eyes with her bloodshot eyes." Would you like me to take you home?" "Ye-s please" she said between tears.when we arrived she got out of the car and said thanks. Before she went inside her door she said,"just call me when you remember." And she disappeared into her house. Who is she I thought to my self.

Hey to all of you who read this which is not much....! I don't if I should continue this.... Just tell me if I should, sorry it took long, I was writing imagines... We'll bye lovelies!

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