Do you even know me?

Niall fanfic if you want to be a character tell me


1. what happened?

4 years. It's been 4 years since me and him spoke. He is now a big star in the famous band One direction. He tried out for the X factor and left me without saying goodbye.i am now 19 my birthday is in two weeks going to his concert tomorrow. I should be exited but what if he doesn't remember me?

*the next day*

I was getting ready for the concert, my brown hair in waves, my brown eyes sparkiling, and my red v-neck ( it's not to low or to high) and black skinny jeans. I was already at the concert and they were singing one of my fav songs midnight memories. The whole time he, the one who left me , had his eyes locked on mine the whole time. When the concert was over I got my back stage pass to go back there and tell my one and only true love " do you remember us?" I finally got to meet them when I pulled him and my self away from the others and I said to him " Niall, do you remember me? Do you remember us?" " I'm sorry love I don't think I've every met you at all."

My heart sank. He doesn't remember any thing that happened between us." Niall please try. You left me before you tried out. You never said goodbye to me. It's been a painful 4 years with out you.please tell me you remember me your girlfriend, Stephanie." " no love I'm sorry I have never seen you ever in my life" " well maybe this will help you remember!!" You yell at him and throw the promise ring he gave you 4 years ago in your birthday. You ran away right after crying

Nialls pov

She had thrown a ring at me and left crying. " what's this" you pick it up. " to Stephanie, my one and only true love. Happy birthday. I love you." I whispered these words that were engraved on the ring. " " who is this " I thought to myself.i scrolled through my contacts to try and find someone named Stephanie. Found it. I clicked

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