Runaway Love

Stella is a 15 year old girl in an abusive home. What will happen when she takes up for herself? Where will she go? What will she become? Find out in Runaway Love.


5. Gone Like the Wind

"It's been three hours. How long does that girl need to cool off?" Niall checked his watch for the third time. Still no Stella.

He went searching for her and discovered and empty parking lot. No car. No Stella.


"Damn. Out of gas." Stella was gone and she was not looking back anytime soon. He lied to her. He hurt her when he promised that he wouldn't. She turned into the station where the news was playing her dad's sob story about his daughter running away and faking tears to make people feel bad for him. She rolled her eyes and realized that she couldn't go inside and pay for the gas with the news on, people would recognize her. She couldn't risk being seen.


"No." Niall muttered under his breath. He ran back inside the hotel. "Carrie! Carrie!"

There was a different receptionist at the desk. "Sorry kid Carrie left sick sick. She's not here."


Stella wondered around the gas station with her hood up and head down. She found it! Hair dye. "What color would be subtle but extremely different from my hair?"

"Looking for a good color? I think black would look good."

She froze at the icy voice. Robert. He found her. He grabbed her arm and pushed her through the store and out the door.

"Get in the car!" She followed orders and sat down in the passengers' seat. He didn't say anything at the time but she knew she'd get it when she got home.

The car ride was long and silent. It took them 14 hours to get back home. As he pulled into the driveway she looked in hope of seeing Niall and Carrie there to save her, but it was just a dark house. He opened her door and pulled her out of the car by her hair.

"Get in the house and go to my room." he spat in her ear.

Stella knew what this meant. She was never allowed in his room unless she was cleaning or he was pissed off beyond belief. She walked in silently and saw ropes and chains everywhere. She started shaking and then thought about what Niall had said. "'We're always watching.'" If only she could find where they were watching from and fast. She started running around the room. How many times had she cleaned this room after one of her dad's "friends" were over. She thought hard and found the hidden camera. His heavy footsteps echoed down the hallway. She knew she had about one minute. She couldn't figure out how to send a message to them, so she angled the camera towards the chains and bed.

"Stella!" he was there. Time was up.

She looked at him with a pale face. "Yes?"

"You've been a very bad girl. And I'm going to enjoy every minute of this." he smiled at her and she cringed.

"So am I." a voice came from the shadows. Niall. It was Niall. "Turn your head Stella." Robert lunged towards Niall and he pulled a gun and shot him. His body fell lifeless to the floor. "I should've killed you the first time." He looked up to see if Stella was ok, but she was gone and the curtains on the windows flapped in the wind.

Niall kicked the floor as a tear fell. He felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around his lips were met by Stella's.

"Just kidding." I'm never letting you go.

"God I love you."

"I love you too."

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her strongly.

"Hey one more thing," he said pointedly, "No more running away."


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