I know your secret...

Everything is alive. So be carefull what you say. The right people might hear the wrong things, and the wrong people might hear the right ones, and know what to do with it. One of those wrong people is Kindra Alexia. She just doesnt know it. She first figures out when she moves to Vienna, Virginia where she finds that everything is not what it seems. At all...


2. We almost go shopping

Today´s the day! Yes. We are going shopping. Ikea... Here I come!!! Well, after a very painful night on the floor, I think that it is very well deserved. On my part that is. If it were up to me, Clive would be sleeping on the floor for eternity. Then, maybe, he would learn not to snore. And that it actually bothers people. Ugh. I can still smell his breath from several meters away. Sometimes I wonder why ma married him in the first place. Wait that's an understatement. I always wonder why ma married him. Constantly. Ugh. Well, ma is calling for breakfast... Uh, bacon and eggs! 

See ya later typing machine!!! Kindra Alexia


I hurried downstairs that sunny Sunday morning, still dreading Clives breath.  Yet I was still excited. There was going to be major shopping today! And there was also going to be an explanation. To the hole in the floor, that is. "Kindra? Mind bringin´ out those plates?" Ma was in a good mood. Bacon and eggs! I smiled. "Sure, ma..." I looked around. "Where are they?" I laughed a little at Ma's expression. "In the box to your left... Now come on quickly! I´m burning the bacon!" Ma frantically flipped the bacon, ushering me to hurry up. "Ma, just take the pan off the stove! Whats the problem?" Ma stopped and slowly moved the pan off the hot stove. "Right... Hadn't though of that..." I brought the plates over. "This just proves how little you cook in the house... honestly ma!" I rolled my eyes. "Well, I do other things... For example..." She quickly ran over to the window and pointed out at something. I slowly moved closer to the window, not believing what I saw. "I got up at five to get this..." Ma smiled at my expression. "Is that a real truck?" I looked at Ma. Ma nodded, and glowed with pride. "Is that our truck?" I asked disbelievingly. Ma nodded again, a proud grin spreading across her face. "Now we can really go shopping! But eat your bacon before it gets cold! I worked really hard on this." Still gaping at the window, I sat down at our box surrounded table and started eating my still warm bacon and eggs. "Thanks ma..." I looked at Ma, only to see her still grinning at the truck. "You are really proud of that truck, aren't you?"  I smiled. Ma smiled and nodded, now staring like at the truck like a maniac. "Come and have some bacon Ma..." I beckoned her over. Ma gave the truck one last glance, but then came and sat down next to me. "So when do we leave ma?" Ma's expression darkened, and she stared down at her freshly served bacon and eggs. "Uhm... Well... I need you to help me with something first..." I looked shortly at Ma, and then returned to my food. "Is this about Clive? Because I am NOT making him any food." I sat back and crossed my arms. "No, no... It's something else..." She leaned in towards the table, lowering her voice. It was barely a whisper, and I looked closely into Ma's dark green eyes. Ma looked around, making sure no one was there. "Ma?" I put my forehead against the table and made snoring sounds. "Alright, alright!" Ma pulled a face and lifted my head up from the table. "I'm sending Clive to the school where he works, because I insisted that we needed some girl time..." My face lit up. "That's great ma! Now, why all the doom and gloom?" I raised an eyebrow. "I want to go under the fridge..." I was about to start laughing uncontrollably, but then I remembered the hole under the fridge. Curios, I agreed to do it.






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