A New Perspective

~Aaron McLaughlin Fan-Fiction~ A 17 year-old girl finds herself stuck and not knowing where to go. She just got into a foster home with eight other foster kids, her being the oldest is given all the responsibility, and soon finds herself overwhelmed and wanting a escape. She one day finds herself wandering the streets and a boy seems to catch her eye. He decides to talk to her and soon have a mural agreement in feelings... But along with feelings of loves comes with sadness and things of the past.


13. The Truth Behind Words

Chapter 13-- The Truth Behind Words

Aaron's POV

I call Angel. She doesn't answer.

Anger fills my body along with sadness.

"Damn it!" I yell. I throw my phone at the wall and it breaks.

I fall on the ground in tears.

"Why? Why why why?!" I yell in pure sadness and anger.

My parents walk through the door.

"Aaron are you okay?" My father says in shock.

My mother runs over to me and goes to hug me but I stand up and I push her off.

I run into my bedroom and I shut the door and lock it behind me.

I lean against the locked door bawling.

I close my eyes tight.

I remember the last time I was this upset, three years ago...

My sister... Lila, she took her own life. That's also when I stopped talking to people, because my sister was my bestest friend, I didn't want another friend. I didn't want to have a replacement type, and also I didn't want to be hurt again... But I did.. My idiotic self did. I talked to someone, someone besides Derek but Derek never counted. He's like my brother. But... I fell in love. And I never made a bigger mistake.

"Aaron, open this door and talk to me!" My mom yells.

"No! I'm fine!" I yell.

"Please Aaron! You're scaring me! This is what Lila did before she-" She stopped herself in her tracks being careful what she said next.

I open the door.

"We agreed to not talk about her." I mumble.

"Aaron... We did, but you can't ignore that she's," She squeezes her eyes shut tight, "She's dead Aaron. She took her own life, and Aaron... I'm scared you're going to also."

"I need to go." I mumble.

I get into my car and I start driving, fast. No I wasn't going to kill myself don't get that thought though your mind. No I'm going to find Angel. I have an idea of where she might be.

I drive on the road fast as I can.

I need to find her. I have to.

I drive and drive until I'm in front of a house.

I get out of the car.

"Angel!" I yell, "I'm sorry! I love you Angel! Please forgive me!" I yell.

She walks outside, tears rushing down her face.

"Why are you here?" She asks clenching her teeth.

"Angel, I've fallen, I've been broken. No one has caught me, no one has glued me back together. And I yearn, for the day someone will hear me call for help, even though it's clear none of that will happen... And that's just a voiceless and pointless wish. Fore a wish like that... Will always remain unfulfilled. Angel, that's what I believe. Please come with me, and be the one who will change my mind. Be the one to tell me none of that is true! Angel, you're not just my love, you're not just my world, you're my everything now and to come!" Her eyes grew.

"Aaron... You hurt me..." She says, with her eyes closed tight.

"I didn't mean it. You have to believe me." I say.


"Please. I'm begging you."

She nods.

"I love you." She whispers.

"I love you too." I whisper.

She kisses me.

I rest my forehead against hers.

"How did you know I'd be here?" She whispered.

"Well," I stand up straight and lean against the car, "You always told me this was your place to run off to when you're upset. But why?" I ask.

"Well..." She turns around and looks at the house for a good bit.

She slowly bites her lip and takes a deep breath.

"This is where my first home was..." She says.

"What?" I ask.

A tear falls down her face.

"My mom and dad and brother were shot in this house. The shooter didn't shoot me. He left me. I soon was in foster care and no one bought this house. So... Every time I'm stressed, I find myself here. Pretending none of this happened." She says.

I hug her from behind and I kiss her cheek.

"Is this house still for sale?" I ask.

"Of course." She says.

"What if," I pause and take a deep breath, "What if we move in here?" I ask.

She pauses for what feels like hours but I soon realized that it had only been a few seconds.

"Yeah, that would be- that would be fun." She stutters out smiling.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yeah, it's gonna be my 18th birthday soon. We can after that." She says.

I smile big.

And a month later, we were moved into that hues together.

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