A New Perspective

~Aaron McLaughlin Fan-Fiction~ A 17 year-old girl finds herself stuck and not knowing where to go. She just got into a foster home with eight other foster kids, her being the oldest is given all the responsibility, and soon finds herself overwhelmed and wanting a escape. She one day finds herself wandering the streets and a boy seems to catch her eye. He decides to talk to her and soon have a mural agreement in feelings... But along with feelings of loves comes with sadness and things of the past.


1. The Girl With The Bloody Arm

Chapter One--- The Girl With The Bloody Arm

~Angelica's POV~

Being a foster child isn't easy... Mainly if you're the oldest. You're expected to have everything done perfect.

I'm basically the parent because my foster mom, Linda, is often tired from taking care of the kids by 2:00 PM and my foster dad, John, is tired from work when he gets home at 6:00 PM.

They truly aren't fit to have any children.

"Angelica!" I hear one of the kids yell, it was Katherina.

I walk into her room.

"Yes Katherina?" I ask.

"I'm hungry." She says.

"In other words you want me to make you dinner?" I ask

She nods slightly.

I sigh.

I go into the refrigerator, we're out of pork.

"I'll be back!" I yell.

"Okay bye!" I hear a bunch of people's voices yell.

I walk outside. I feel the freezing wind slap me.

Autumn was going to be here soon. I'm not ready, we can't afford heating so... It's fairly cold.

My scarf along with my hair blows in the wind.

I keep walking trying my hardest to ignore the horrid coldness.

I'm the only one on this empty street. This town is so empty, I don't understand why the hell anyone would want to live here.

Criminals fill these streets like bees in a beehive. The buildings are almost as small as ants. The people here have hate and anger fill their lives more than anything.

I go to the local store and I buy more pork.

I soon go home, make it, feed it to them then I lay them down.

It was nine o'clock and John still had yet to get home.

I lay on the couch, I had a killer headache.

About an hour after I laid down I heard the door slam open then shut.

"Angelica!" The sound of his deep voice filled the whole home and echoed in my mind.

I sit up.

"Yes sir?" I ask.

"Why the hell are you still here? You're what? 18?" He asks.

He was drunk, I could smell his breath from across the room.

"I just turned 17." I say.

He grunts and sits on the couch pushing me over.

I sigh and push my hair out of my face.

"Any dinner?" He asks.

"Kendal ate the rest of it sir." I say.

He slaps me.

"You let the kids eat all of my food." He mumbles.

"Sir I made it..." I say.

"I don't give a damn," he starts saying, he stumbles to the refrigerator and grabs another beer, like he needed another, "If the queen of England made it! It's my food as long as it's under my roof!" He yells.

"Sir you're going to wake up the children..." I whisper.

"Shut up." He mumbles.

He takes another chug of beer out of the glass bottle.

"Okay sir I think you've had enough." I say, I go to take the drink and he hits my arm with the bottle breaking it and slashing my skin.

I look at my arm and back up at him.

I run into the kitchen.

"Don't overreact it's like a paper cut." He says.

I rush through the cupboards and I grab the first-aid kit.

I wrap my arm up, by the time I was done John was passed out on the couch.

I decide I'm going to go on a walk, I can't stay here.

I walk outside and while I'm walking something catches my eye... Is that a person walking on the streets?

-Aaron's POV-

I had to get out of the house, my parents were fighting.

I look at the sky, I wonder how many stars lay in that sky every night. They twinkle perfectly.

Thoughts like that fill my mind quickly, while I'm walking I hear footsteps across the road.

Tap tap tap, the person across the street's feet tap on the cold ground.

I look over and see it's a girl. She had long brown hair with knotted curls.

I'm not one to talk to others I don't know, I open my mouth but the words won't come out.

Light hits her arm and I see blood all over her arm, I gasp.

"Hey!" I yell across the street.

She stops and slowly turns to me.

"Yes?" She asks.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

She looks at her arm, "Yeah I-I just fell." She stutters.

"You sure?" I ask.

"Yeah." She answers.

"You wanna walk with me?" I ask.

I haven't talk to someone this much in years, but I guess I was worried for her.

She shakes her head no.

Blood pours more and now it's dripping off the tips of her long black fingernails.

"Will you at least tell me your name?" I ask.

"Angelica Harris." She says.

"I'm Aaron McLaughlin." I say.

"Well, nice talking to you McLaughlin." She says.

I was about to say something but by the time I could she was off.

"Goodbye.." I whisper.

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