A New Perspective

~Aaron McLaughlin Fan-Fiction~ A 17 year-old girl finds herself stuck and not knowing where to go. She just got into a foster home with eight other foster kids, her being the oldest is given all the responsibility, and soon finds herself overwhelmed and wanting a escape. She one day finds herself wandering the streets and a boy seems to catch her eye. He decides to talk to her and soon have a mural agreement in feelings... But along with feelings of loves comes with sadness and things of the past.


4. I'm Fine

Chapter Four-- I'm Fine

-Aaron's POV-

Angel is out. I don't know where she wont tell me much. She's very secretive... It bothers me some, but I choose to just ignore it.

I can't change it so might as well as let whatever happens... Happen.

She's been sleeping on an air mattress next to my bed.

She talks to herself a lot. About wants, about wishes, about dreams. She tells me that she sometimes feels lost... And that no one cares.

I don't quite understand what she means by that... I mean she must have family. She must have friends.

My parents haven't been fighting since she's shown up... It's strange I don't know much of what to think. I mean... Maybe she just makes them happier? I don't know...

I hear the door open. It's Angel I'm guessing.

"Angel?" I call out the door.

"No it's Derek." I hear my old friend call out.

I walk out of my room and I walk into my living room. He was sitting on my couch and was eating a bag of my potato chips. I take the chips from him.

"So nice of you to knock." I mumble.

"See... I was going to... But I didn't know if you were home or not." He says.

I take a potato chip and I pop it into my mouth.

I sit next to him.

"So, you just think you're automatically welcome in my home?" I ask.

"Umm yeah pretty much." He answers.

"Well-" My sentence is cut off with the sound of the front door opening.

Both of our eyes dart towards the front door, Angel was home.

"Well who's this Aaron, your little girlfriend. I should've guessed you had a girl friend you never in a million years would talk this much!" Derek says.

"He is not my boyfriend." She says.

"Where were you Angel? You were gone for quite a while." I ask Angel.

"I was out okay?" She snaps at me.

Derek chuckles.

"You don't seem too happy." Derek says chuckling.

"Yeah I'm not happy." She says walking into my room and slamming the door behind her.

"I think you've found yourself a keeper." Derek says laughing.

"Okay I have no idea what's so funny about this. And her and I are not dating. We're just friends." I snap at him.

"Woah, I see your ego has gone up." Derek says.

"Yeah... Sure... Whatever." I mumble.

We sit there watching TV.

"What's her problem anyways?" Derek asks.

"What?" I ask.

"I mean... She's sorta a bitch and I wanna know why she's gotta be so bitchy." Derek says.

Okay, her.. A bitch? That set me off. She's not a bitch.

"She's not a bitch." I mumble.

"Um yeah she's worse than that. That's the nicest thing I could call her." Derek says.

"Stop!" I yell.

This was seriously getting me angry, no worse than anger. I can't even put into words the emotion I was feeling right now.

"Okay? Just... Stop please." I mumble.

"Okay." Derek mumbles.

He looks pretty shocked, I'm shocked in myself too.

I stand up and I go into my room and I see Angel laying on my bed. Mascara running down her face.

I run over to her and I sit beside her.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

She shakes her head.

"It's nothing, I'm fine." She says.

I bite my lip.

"You can't lock me out forever..." I say.

"If I want to I could." She mumbles.

She starts to cry more and hugs me. It shocks me.

I hug her back and she cries into my shoulder.

We don't say anything... Not a word comes out of either of out mouths. The only sound in the room is the sound of her crying.

We don't do anything... We just hug. I guess she needed comforting... I told her before I'd always be there for her.

~Angelica's POV~

About an hour later of my mental breakdown I decide not to speak of what happened. I don't even want to think about it.

I go into my bathroom and I take a shower.

When I'm done with my shower I take a look in the mirror.

Now what happened to me is in plain sight.

Bruises cover my body. I took makeup and covered them.

I had slashes, cuts, and bruises...

My foster father wasn't happy that I haven't been coming home. He beat me..

I thought he was just an angry drunk... But... He was beating me sober. He wanted to kill me, he would've killed me if I hadn't stopped him. He would've murdered me heartlessly.

I don't want to go back... But I gotta be there for my foster family... I can't leave them alone.

I realize I forgot my clothes in Aaron's room.

"Damn it..." I mumble.

I wrap a towel in my head and I put my robe on.

I go into his room hoping and praying he's not in there.

When I open the door, he's in there listening to Owl City.

He stands up and runs over to me.

"Angel, your face. You have bruises all over." He says.

I swing my head away. I grab my clothes.

"Don't worry about me... I'm fine..." I mumble.

I run out of the room.

He'll never know what happened, I won't let him.

Every bruise is a mistake and I know he knows I'm enough of a screw over... He doesn't need to know more.

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