Kidnapped 15+

Working at a bakery is fun even if it is with one of the punks from the group one direction(Harry styles).i did not know it is the place where I get stalked at by two lads.


4. chapter two:stalked and baking

Hey guys six favs,reads, and like now they might go up before I update. Thanks by the way guys and gals here is the new chapter!! :)

My Pov:

Recap:Zayn and Niall quickly looked away both blushing.

Making a quiet giggle come out of my mouth,I finished my cupcake and glass of milk and walked back behind the counter throwing my trash away and serving the next customer." Hey babe I'll have three of those rainbow cupcakes and maybe you in bed with it"he said. My eyes grew dark and I pulled him up by the collar of his polo" Never ever say that to me again ok?!?" I said almost shouting at him. He nodded his head and handed me 18 pounds and quickly ran out of me and Harry's bakery.

My eyes went back to their normal color and I went back and sat at my table spacing off while looking at the blue sky that seems to go on forever,and ever." Wow that was sexy" I heard Niall whisper to his friends I heard the five of them agree the rest of the day no one came in and Niall and Zayn kept staring at me I felt like I was stalked while I worked here.

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