Kidnapped 15+

Working at a bakery is fun even if it is with one of the punks from the group one direction(Harry styles).i did not know it is the place where I get stalked at by two lads.


19. chapter third teen: maybe?

Hey guys thanks for everything so far it means a lot to me here is the new chapter enjoy!!!

My Pov:

"Maybe I am not sure love" Niall explained to me I nodded and he then said"so what do you say love?"."sure Niall I think you would be a great father" I said smiling at him and he looked up at me and...

He lit up like a child on Christmas he started to grind on me again as he slipped my shirt off. His eyes darkened as he slipped my bra off his mouth attached to my left nipple swirling his tongue around he did the same to my right breast and he slipped his shirt off after.

He took off his pants after then he took the rest of our clothes off next. I looked down and saw his throbbing length his head was pink and dripping with precum. He spit on his hand and stroked his length a couple of times moaning quietly.

He spread my legs apart and walked in between them and laid on top of me placing his hands on ether sides of my head." This might hurt love I have to brake your heim love or barrier sorry" Niall explained softly to me as he gently thrusted into me slowly.

Pain....was all that hit me he looked pained too he pulled out and slammed back into me but it did not hurt me because I was wet and Niall's spit acted as a type of lube. He moaned as he started to thrust faster my hands found their way to his hair tugging on it. A purr left his mouth as I felt his cock twitch inside of me he came and filled me causing me to come right after. "I will be a---

Sorry about the cliffhanger

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