Kidnapped 15+

Working at a bakery is fun even if it is with one of the punks from the group one direction(Harry styles).i did not know it is the place where I get stalked at by two lads.


10. chapter seven: Almost a fight

Hey guys this chapter and the rest will be a little longer since people like it I think..... Anyway here is the new chapter enjoy!!!!

My Pov:

Niall unwrapped his arms from me and got up and walked towards Zayn until they were less than a foot away from each other." Same with me Niall but she would scream my name louder" Zayn said smirking at me. I blushed and looked away from the two,"just because I am a vergin does not mean she could not scream my name louder" Niall growled back.

His face was turning red from Zayn pissing him off" Z-Zayn stop please" I said pulling Niall away from Zayn." Zayn leave my house" I heard a deep raspy voice say from behind me and Niall." Whatever mate I'll come back for savannah though just wait babe" Zayn said winking at me then leaving the house slamming the door.

Thanks for everything so far guys it means a lot to me!!! :)))

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