Kidnapped 15+

Working at a bakery is fun even if it is with one of the punks from the group one direction(Harry styles).i did not know it is the place where I get stalked at by two lads.


2. chapter one:Rainbow cupcakes

Hey guys this is the first chapter of this story it with have sexual parts so turn back now we'll not now well enjoy!

My Pov:

I flipped the closed sign to open and I got right into baking cupcakes first.i mixed the ingredients in my mixer and poured the batter in my cupcake tray. I put my chocolate chip cupcakes in the oven for 15 min. I put all my baked good up in their spots I made them yesterday.

I heard the little bell go off "Hello Harry" I said while he put on his apron"Good morning beautiful" he said winking at me making me roll my eyes.Yes,I know I should he afraid of Harry since he is in his group of punks called one direction they are not a gang though.

Ring!! The timer went off"I got it babe help my mates they are walking towards here love" Harry said smiling at me while carefully getting my chocolate chip cupcakes out of the oven. The bell went off"Harry!!! How are ya lad?"I heard Louis shout making me laugh a bit.

"Harry go to you mates I got the cupcakes these are my special ones for today" I explained to Harry his eyes widened and a dimple smile appeared on his face." I get first one though" he said happily"ok ok" I said as I started to put a rainbow colored frosting on top once I finished with that I put five sprinkles on each to form a smiley face then I put a cherry on each one.

"Done! My new masterpiece" I shouted as I put them on display all six of them ran towards the glass jar." How much for one babe?" Niall asked me getting his wallet out."Harry what do you think?" I asked thinking." I would sayyy.....6 pounds per cupcake they look really good" he said trying to touch one. I slapped his hand away"pay up styles" I said motioning with my hand they all handed my 30 pounds in total I smiled and gave Harry the first one they I gave the four others theirs too."thanks love" the five of them said at the same time.

I nodded my head and got one of my self I poured my self a glass of milk and sat at my table in the corner it's my table I sit here every morning. I felt someone staring at me I turned and saw zayn and Niall staring at me but they quickly looked away blushing.


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