Kidnapped 15+

Working at a bakery is fun even if it is with one of the punks from the group one direction(Harry styles).i did not know it is the place where I get stalked at by two lads.


7. chapter five: why??

Hey guys thanks for everything so far and here is the new chapter enjoy!

My Pov:

Wow I thought as Harry punched the guy in the hoodie it fell down revealing Niall?!?"Niall what are you do-"I was cut off by Niall crashing his lips on mine.i fell back onto the couch with Niall hovering over me bombs fireworks everything was happening.

I wrapped my arms around Niall's neck his hands went under my shirt slipping it off. Harry left with the other guy as Niall kneed my breast through my bra before slipping it off I moaned from Niall's mouth connecting with my left hardening nipple.

His warm tongue flicked my nipple back in forth before going to my right before he stopped then he reached behind me and pressed a white cloth to my mouth causing me to gasp in the weird smell then I slowly blacked out.

What will happen next???

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