Two souls, one heart

What if the main character of the book fell in love with the reader?


2. Friends for forever, since forever

 You're sitting on the side of the hill with him. His blonde hair is shinning, reflecting the bright sunlight. He turns to you and smiles, and you can't help but smile back. You think about how long you've known each other. The sun is shining on your back, you close your eyes and soak in it's warmth. You flashback to when you first met.

You were five years old. Your mother came home from work with one of her new friends, both of them we're dressed up, suits and heels, it's what she'd always worn to work. You remember everything about the first time you saw him. His mom stood in the doorway of the house and he hid behind her legs so that you couldn't see him.

Your mother knelt beside you and started to explain their presence; “This is my friend from work, her name is Lidia.” She started, then stopped to push her hair out of her face. “And behind her is her son. His name is Matthew.

His small hands were visible, wrapped around Lidia's knees.

“Come on out, Matt.” Lidia prompted him gently.

You watched as he peeked out from behind her. The first thing you noticed were his eyes. His eyes were bright and shinning, they almost sparkled. You'd never seen anyone who looked like him before. His eyes were dark brown, almost black, with flakes of bright, emerald green. His hair rivalled his eyes, curling around them, framing his face. He was blonde. You had never seen anyone with such dark eyes and light hair before, you still haven't, not naturally.

You still remember what he was wearing that day, even though it's been many years. He was in dark jeans, and his shirt was a blue tee with a dinosaur on it.  

After playing for a few hours while our mothers had tea together, we decided to make a pact;

"So are we best friends?" He had asked you.

"Of course!" You had said excitedly. "And we will be forever!"

"Promise? he looked at you, eyes wide.


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