Adventure Into the Unknown

When Elizabeth and her best friend Jacob go out for a night, they weren't expecting there life to change completely. Certainly didn't think there were things lurking around where she lives. Will Elizabeth and Jacob make it out alive or what may be lurking in the shadows find them before they realize there is anything really there.


1. Unsettling Walk

Elizabeth, 16 years old lives with her fathers best friend because her parents died in a car accident when she was seven. She lives in Seattle, because she had to move when  her parents died leaving everything she has ever had behind to go live with a man she has only met once or twice, but the last thing he said to her was to go find Mathew and he will raise you. So she did, she found him called him and told him what had happened in tears while talking, than the next day he was at her parents home picking her up and driving her to Seattle, where she has been raised ever since. She says she loves her Uncle Mathew; he is always all she has ever had. She met her best friend Jacob there who has also had a difficult life of his own; his father died in Iraq when he was ten. They have always connected since the day they met which was when they were nine;and have been instant friends ever since, they would do anything for each other. Which is good because that is what would need to happen to ever see another day again.

It all started one day on a Friday night they called each other and wanted to hang out, they decided to go to a pizzarea in downtown Seattle. They walked there like they always have and talked about there day. Except for today there was something different. Jacob was unusually quiet and unsettled, and there is following them, they had that unnerving feeling when you are feeling watched, they both kept on looking behind them checking to see if they saw anything but they never did, they figured it was just a quiet night in the city but at the same time they knew it was wrong, it was a Friday night and it is never this quiet. They decided to bee line to the pizzarea Elizabeth taking the lead, when they finally arrived they finally felt at ease with the familiar smell of the pizza baking in the oven, while Jacob yells across the pizzarea to the owner, "Hey Tony can you get us a large pepperoni pizza and two Coaks?" With Tony's typical response he replys"Of course and you forgot something again the two large cookies! I'll get it right up!" We ate our pizza and discussed our evening plans while convincing with others in the pizzarea. It almost seemed perfect!Until Jacob asked Elizabeth to take a seat because they needed to talk. Elizabeth muttered  what, i'm having a great time, cant it wait?" Jacob said in a kind but a little sharp tone that made Elizabeth stop right in her tracks and actually turn around and look at him, "No we need to talk now." There was something nerving and urgent he needed to say, but what would be that important.


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