Adventure Into the Unknown

When Elizabeth and her best friend Jacob go out for a night, they weren't expecting there life to change completely. Certainly didn't think there were things lurking around where she lives. Will Elizabeth and Jacob make it out alive or what may be lurking in the shadows find them before they realize there is anything really there.


2. Rubbing Alcohol

Hi all its day two of my Movella account, and here is my second chapter of Adventure into the Unknown. Let me know what you think and feel free to either like, favorite,  or comment I hope you like it!

"Look, pay attention, and listen closely", said Mathew to a tall lenient man in a alley in Seattle, "Hurt her and I will find you and kill you, I don't care about what your purpose is, I don't want her apart of this, she doesn't know anything about our kind." 

"Ah but yes that is true which is only a mistake on your part, she has special and talented abiliteis you know. She isn't like the rest of our kind, she is much more powerful than you think, and it would only be a matter of time before she finds out."

"And i will do anything and everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen. Stay away and no harm will be done to you."

"Who said I will do anything to her" The tall skinny blond man said, " All I asked is to speak with her, I never said anything about hurting her. Now did I?" 

"You really think I believe you, you have made many attempts to..."

 He interrupted sharply this time with rage in his voice"It won't happen I swear to a steel blade to my heart."

"And I am suppose to believe you?"

"I swore didn't I? I am a man of my word and that is it. I will be speaking to her with your wish or not. You will just make this harder for yourself, and worse for her." The blond man was gone in a flash. Mathew cursed, remarking, "Dame it. I have to get home, now!"

"Fine."Elizabeth said with a slight irritable yet concerned tone while taking her seat across from Jacob at a table with just the two of them.

"We need to leave, now!" Jacob said while glancing at his watch than the door anxiously.

"What the hell is your problem. Since when did  you start telling me what to do." 

" Why can't you just trust me for once, I mean it, WE NEED TO GO!"

"OK. You know where the door is don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out, and just to be clear i'm not going.  Don't boss me around like i'm your dog, and I was having a great time until you decided to go all commando." Exclaimed Elizabeth raising her voice to a scream, Outraging her temper, that she has always had.

Leaning in closer as he spoke to be sure no one else could hear them, "You don't understand it's for your own good!" With his bright blue shiny eyes, becoming dimmer as he spoke with rage and hurt, "Well than I guess i'm staying too because i'm not leaving without you."

"I can handle myself, thank you." Exclaimed Elizabeth, "If you need me i will be socializing with people I actually like at the moment." Turning her back on Jacob, letting her brown curly hair cascade behind her.

Jacob slammed his fist against the table, breaking the two glass cups of soda on the table, only getting tons of glass stuck in his hands. He yelped, "Oww! dame.!" 

Elizabeth quickly rushing over to see what had happened, Than yelled for Tony to get the first aid kit and some towels to clean up the mess.

Tony quickly came rushing over with the first aid kit, handing it to Elizabeth

"Come on, I'll get you fixed up." She said talking to Jacob.

"I can handle myself, just give it to me." said Jacob with a sharp, in pain voice,

she handed it over, Than muttered,"Grow up."

Elizabeth waited outside the bathroom for Jacob to come out, but she quickly lost her patients than went into the bathroom to help him. Jacob was rushing to pull out the glass and wrap up the wounds,Elizabeth yelled, "What the hell is that suppose to do?" She took both of his hands poring rubbing alcohol on them." Jacob yelped with pain, but all Elizabeth did was strengthen her grip.

She than said, " You have got to stop loosing your temper."  Jacob replied sarcastically, "Right I have got to stop loosing my temper." "Now pass the gauze."

She handed it to him grinning her usual grin, meaning your such an idiot, but I still love you. Like a brother of course because that is how she always felt.  He took it, looked at his watch than began to wrap his hands, while doing so he glanced down the hall and out the door of the building he saw an unwanted shadow than said, "Let's go, I know a short cut to get to the party." with a happy reassuring voice, but he knew he needed to get out of there now, but he of course knew he couldn't say that. 

Surprisingly she said, "yea, sure lets go!' 

They slipped out the back door just as someone or something entered into the pizzarea, Jacob closed the door quickly to make sure it didn't see them.

He sighed with relief, and than said,"Come on lets go!" Follow me. Than asked "Do you want to race?"  

Elizabeth said, "Of course!" 

He said "Ready, Set, Go."

Than thought good because we have got to get away from this place fast." 

He knew whoever or whatever that was would be looking for them within minutes, and he knew he needed to get away from there as quick as possible. 




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