Me, You, Us

Best friends Ema Morgan and Taree Bradley are ready to take the world on... well at less L.A. that is. Ema a star on Big Time Rush with Taree's cousin James and her crush Logan. Meanwhile, Taree doesn't know what she wants to do with her life until she meets Keaton, from Emblem 3 when she's at her friends, Harry Styles, party. Will L.A. be as nice as its weather or is there a storm come?


4. Chapter 3 - Over Night - Taree


Chapter three

The smell of food woke me up. Taking in the room around me. Realizing I wasn't home I seen Wesley and Keaton in the kitchen. Sitting there just watching them. Remembering I feel asleep watching T.V. My phone went off. Looking down I see text and calls for Ema, James, Harry, Logan, the list goes not. 'Where are you's and 'Call me back's. Rolling my eye a shack out my hair before putting it up in a bun.

It's been going off all morning.” Wesley said, turning to face me.


Someone's popular.” He adds.

It's all from the same five people. They're just freaking out because I didn't go home late night.”

Sorry about that, when we showed up you were out.”

You hungry?” Keaton asked.

Starving.” I got up, heading to the kitchen, smiling.

The room was quiet when my cell phone went off making me jump. Pulling it out I see that its Ema.

“Hello, Ema....” I said answering it.

“Hey.” Her voice had sorry throughout and that mad being mad at her even harder.

“Was he dying?” I asked, still mad and trying to stay mad. I turned and walked to their window.

Leaving the the guys behind me.

She left me at a party, with no way home. I have a feeling I know why. Hoping I would stay the night at Harry's with him.


“Logan, was he dying?”

“No?” She dragged out the 'o' that sounded more like a question.

“Well, then why didn't you find me, I would, could, of come with you.”

“I didn't know if you would want to.”

“I kinda didn't want to go in the first place.”

“If you want I'll come and get you. We'll, get ice-cream.”

“Ice-cream, won't fix this. Plus, I'm not at Harry's.”

“Did Harry take you home?” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Nope, two guys I never meet was gave me a ride and now I'm in their living room.”

“What the hell, Taree!”

What it's not like I was going to let James or Harry give me a ride...”

There's Carlos or Liam, or...”

I wasn't and didn't want to deal with them.”

I just don't get why you couldn't of took me home, asked or at least found me, not just drop me a random text.” I took my hair out of it's bun and ran my hand throughout my hair.

Hell, I wasn't thinking... I was...”

I gotta go, this is so rude fighting with you when I'm in a strangers living-room.”


I hanged up before she could finish, whatever she was about to say. I felt bad I did but I was still mad. She's never, ever left me at a party. Even in High School she never did.

I was expecting to see all the guys still waiting for me but I was meet only by one face.

Where is Drew and Wesley?” Asking Keaton who was sitting on the couch.

He ran his hand over the back of his head.

They left. They were going to be late. Wesley said he'll give you a ride when he get back.”

What the...” I plopped down he then copied.

It's not like I can call Ema back asking for a ride, not after that call. Even though I know she'll come and get me. I could text James but then he'll question me about Harry and I'm not in the mood for that.

Is it fine if I wait, if not I'll call someone?”

Yeah, it's fine with me.”

Silence, it was nice. After being at the party then the 'fight' with Ema.

Keaton was messing with something on his laptop. His hair was much shorter then had a bushy top. Keaton happen to look over, catching me looking at him. Quickly I turned away.

You wanna hear?” He said.

Looking back he was holding out some headphones.

Sure!” I smiled taking the headphone.

Placing them on, watching him push play my ears fill with a simple beat with an amazing guitar. Listening close. About a minuets later it stops. Taking them off I hand them to him.


You wanna know what I think?”

The truth.” He said, smiling.

It's good but there's something missing with the beat.”

I know! Can't work out what's missing.”

We spent a few hours working on this song before, we turned on the T.V. waiting for Wesley and Drew to show up.


(Written by KayCee K.)


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