Me, You, Us

Best friends Ema Morgan and Taree Bradley are ready to take the world on... well at less L.A. that is. Ema a star on Big Time Rush with Taree's cousin James and her crush Logan. Meanwhile, Taree doesn't know what she wants to do with her life until she meets Keaton, from Emblem 3 when she's at her friends, Harry Styles, party. Will L.A. be as nice as its weather or is there a storm come?


3. Chapter 2 - Logan's Condo - Ema

"Taree is going to murder me!" I screeched as I pulled into the driveway of Logan's condo.


"No she won't," Logan tried to reassure me, placing him hand on my shoulder. "She'll thank you for bring her and Harry together."


"But this was your idea!" I shouted, my hands gripping the steering wheel tighter, my knuckles turning white. Logan just looked at me and grinned.


"Exactly, now calm down before you break the steering wheel." Logan chuckled.


"What do you mean 'calm down'?" I asked.


"I just left my best friend at a party by herself with a bunch of creepy and weird, horny teenage guys. What if something happens to her?!"


Logan placed his hand on my shoulder, "I promise, Carlos and Kendall will be keeping an eye on her, they'll make sure she's okay."


I sighed. Maybe Logan was right. Besides, Taree knew deep down she liked Harry and Harry liked her. She probably would thank me.


"Fine," Reaching for my purse, I quickly grabbed my iPhone. "Let me just text her an excuse really quick."


Logan nodded at me and then exited my car. I opened up my text messages and typed:


'Logan wanted to go home so I have him a ride... srry x'


I pressed send and then I exited my own vehicle, making sure to grab my keys and lock the door. Making my way towards the door to Logan's house, I felt queasy.


Was it guilt or the fact that I just lied to my best friend?


Trying to shrug the feeling off, I entered Logan's condo. It was nicely decorated, especially for a bachelor like himself.


A black leather sofa, two red love seats, and a flat screen TV were laid out in the living room. The walls had been painted a nice gray and detailed with pictures. One of him and his family, others with the guys, and a few with just us.


I smiled starring at one of the pictures of Logan and I. It was the day I had first been joined to the show, and he had welcomed me with open arms.


I hadn't realized I had got caught up in starring at the picture until I heard Logan.


"I remember that day." He said smiling. "Before that picture was taken you had accidentally barged into our changing room. You didn't really know how to read a map then."


I laughed, turning to face him. "I still don't." He had set two beers down on the table and held his script for this weeks show in his hands. "Want to help me go over it. I'm not very good at going over lines."


"What's with the beer?" I grinned devilishly at him. "Isn't alcohol supposed to make you forget?"


He just shrugged. "I drink it all the time when I'm rehearsing with the guys."


"And now I see why you're not good at remembering your lines." I joked, sitting down on the couch. "I'll take the beer and I'll help you, just let me text Taree once more."


'Going to stay here and look after Logan. He says he's not feeling well'


I place my phone face down on his table and look at Logan.


"Alright so where are we starting off?"


*A few minutes later*


We were almost near the end if the script, and I was almost near the end of my beer. Taree hasn't called or texted me back and by now, I wasn't all that worried anymore.


"Alright, so now we're near the part where Logan and Cassidy have a private moment near the pool. And this is after the part where Cassidy finds out from Carlos that Logan has a crush on Cassidy."


Logan explained, "Then there's the kiss scene. Should we go over that as well?"


I nodded, "Yeah, I mean I guess we should. Practice makes perfect." Turning to face him, I take a deep breath. "You start."


He flipped a page in the script and then he spoke, his voice in a whisper, "Cassidy, we need to talk."


"Yeah we do." I replied back. "I know about that thing."


"Wait, what thing are you talking about?" Logan looked into my eyes with confusion and then back at the script. "Is it the same thing as my thing or that other thing?"


"What other this is there?"


"Nevermind, but what I have to say is really important."


I huffed, tucking hair behind her ear. "Logan you don't hav-" He cut me off.


"I like you. I really like you. I like the way you smile, the way you try to help everyone as best as you possibly can, the way you blush whenever you mess something up and I know you probably don't like me the same way-"


Then it was my turn to cut him off, but in a total different way. I leaned over on the couch and locked my lips with his. This kiss was supposed to be real, so I tangled my fingers in his hair. He did the same with me.








I slowly pulled away and whispered, "I like you too Logan. I really like you."




"Yes, ever since I arrived here I've liked you. I thought it was just a silly crush, but the more I hung out with you the harder I began to fall."


Logan just smiled at me before leaning over me and kissing me. This time it was more deeper and passionate.


The scene was supposed to end here, but the kiss Logan and I shared still continued. I didn't really want it to end.


Truth be told, I had a secret crush on Logan. Ever since I had moved to L.A with Taree and met them, I've like him. Taree assumed that I liked Carlos or Kendall, but I honestly was in it for Logan. He made me smile all the time and he always told the corniest jokes. But that's why I liked him.


The kiss ended and Logan excused himself so he could go to the bathroom. I nodded in agreement and watched him head to the restroom.


I took the script in my own hands and read it over. "Hold on..."


Realizing later than sooner, half of the lines Logan had said weren't the same in the script. Did he improvise them? Or did he mean them?


No he couldn't have meant them. He doesn't like me.


Logan emerged back from the bathroom and stopped in his tracks when he saw the script in my hands.


"Half of what you said wasn't even in the script."


Logan stayed silent.


"Why did you change the script?" I asked quietly.


"I wanted the words to match what I really feel, but not about Cassidy.. about you." I looked up at him, in shock.


"That's how you feel about me?" Closing the script, I placed it down on the table and walked over to Logan.


"Yeah, it is. I felt like this for a long time and I didn't know what other way-" I put my lips to his again, not just to shut him up, but to show him how I felt.


He pulled away a few second later. "You like me too?"


I nodded, "Yeah. I do."


I hope you guys liked the chapter.


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