Me, You, Us

Best friends Ema Morgan and Taree Bradley are ready to take the world on... well at less L.A. that is. Ema a star on Big Time Rush with Taree's cousin James and her crush Logan. Meanwhile, Taree doesn't know what she wants to do with her life until she meets Keaton, from Emblem 3 when she's at her friends, Harry Styles, party. Will L.A. be as nice as its weather or is there a storm come?


2. Chapter 1 - Party - Taree



“Come on Ema!” I called, for my best-friend. “We're already late.”

“Only the cool kids show up late.” She said, raising one eyebrow at me.

“Oh, come one, Ms Hollywood.” I said grabbing my keys and heading for the door,

I could hear her giggling. From the day she's gotten her role on my cousin's hit T.V. Show I have called her that. Especially when she says things like, 'Only the cool people kids show up late.' Knowing I'm joking, she just brushes it all off. We've known one another since the second grade, it's just one of many inside jokes we have.

Once in the car, turning down the radio I said, “James is going to be there.” She looked over at me.

I think she like's one of them; Kendall, Carlos, James, Logan... but I haven't cut it down yet. If it was my cousin I could see why she wouldn’t tell me. I don't think its Logan, Kendall or Carlos; or she would have told me, at least I think she would. Maybe she thinks I'll tell James or maybe it's just all in my head.

“Oh, I didn't know.” she said, as she took out her phone.

Most likely to upload a photo to Instagram, she loves her fans so much, its crazy.


Pulling up to a stop light, stopping the car I look over, smiling. The light turns green when my iPhone goes off. Driving off I lift up my cell quickly see it was a text.

'Still coming tonight, love?' it was from Harry. I meet him back when his band was touring with Big Time Rush. We've been talking on and off but even more now that he has work, tours and stuff in the US. Placing my cell back down, darting my eye over at Ema, she was smiling.


“It was Harry wasn't?” I could hear the smile in her voice.


Turning left, pulling up to the side walk. Ema turns off the car, I look at her.

“Nothing, it's just. You're like the only girl in the world who wouldn't...” She started to say.

“He's just not my kind of guy, there's no sin there.”

My cell rang, making me jump.

“Gosh, you about killed me.” I answered my cell.

I could hear his laughter.

“I know.”

“How did you...” I stopped talking.

My eyes scanning the outside area, finally my eye's landed on him, my cousin and his band-mates.

“You're such an...” The line went end.

Getting out of my car, putting my cell away and handing Ema my keys; I'm always losing them.

“Were you to fighting?” Kendall asked.

“No...” I said.

“Boy stuff.” Ema said.

James plays the role of a big brother, lately, better then my real brother. He just looked at me, I was biting my lip.

“Here you are.” A beep British voice fill the awkwardness.

I couldn't be happier to see him, I had a feeling James was about to ask something I didn't want to answer.

“Hi, Harry.” He came over, dropping his arm around me.

Everyone was looking at me, I could feel them.

“So who's all here?” I asked, pulling Harry with me as we walked.

We've been here for an hour and somehow I have been able to stay away from James. That's not hard when many girls keep dropping themselves all over him. Standing away from the crowd I could make out a bit of a beach a few miles away. Oh, how I wish it was closer.

“You wanna go?” I hear a voice from behind me ask.

Without thinking I responded, “More then you think.” My parents couldn't keep me out of the water.

“What's stopping you.” Another voice said. It hits me that there's more then one person behind me.

I looked over at Harry, who happened to look up meeting his eyes with mine. He smiled. Great now he's going to think I was watching him.

“Is he...” One of the two guys started to says.

“No, why do people keep saying that?” I ran my hand throughout my hair.

The two guys looked at each other.

“It was a question.” I said, looking at them.

The look upon their face told me they were thinking.

“The way he looks at you.” The one the shorter hair out of them said.

Not saying anything, I start walking off. Looking back I said, “Well, are you coming?”

“Yea.” “Sure.” they said.

“I'm Taree, by the way.”

“I'm Drew.” The one with the shorter hair said.

“Wesley.” He had a big longer hair.

I could tell they were a bit older them me, but only by a bit. I was eighteen.

Ten minutes later we reached the beach. I slipped my shoes off and push my skinny jeans as high as they would go, few inches. Glad I didn't wear my skirt, the wind was blowing. The sand feels greats, the air is salty.

Looking up at the dark skies I let out a deep breath.

“This is nice.” I said.

“It is.” Wesley said.

“So you wanna talk about it?” Drew asked.

“I don't know you...”

“So?” He said.

“It's nothing.” I said.

We walked and talked for about an hour before we headed back to the party. Pulling out my cell I saw that I received a text from Ema 'Logan wanted to go home so I gave him a ride... srry x' there was a text from Harry 'Where are you?' and then another one from Ema, 'Going to stay here and look after Logan. He says he's not feeling well.'

Great, now I need a ride.

I don't believe Logan really needed a ride, it's just probably their way of trying to get Harry and I together.

My eye's moved across the party, I couldn't find Carlos or Kendall and I don't want to be alone with James. He'll try and be a big brother; I'll take a pass on the embarrassment. So, that left Harry but this is his party, he can't just leave and take me home. Even though I know he would.

Smiling I turned around, looking at Wesley and Drew. They just looked back at me.

“So new friends... can I get a ride?”

They smiled back.

“Sure, but we need to stop by my place.” Wesley said.

We pulled up to Wesley's place, “You can coming in, if you would like.”

“Sure, better then sitting out here.” I got out and followed then up stairs.

They opened a door letting me in, with them following behind. It was a cute little place. A kitchen and living-room, and two doors that leads to a bathroom and bedroom; I'm guessing. Standing, Wesley said “Have a set.” Walking in I sit in the living-room. When one of the doors opened and a younger looking Wesley walked out.

“Hey, you have to...” He trailed off when he was me. We just looked at each other. He was in a white tee, shorts and short messy brown hair. The more I looked at him, the more I could tell he had to be Wesley's brother. They looked alike but different too.

Wesley tossed his arm around him. “This my younger brother Keaton.

Keaton just still looked at me the same way I looked at him. “Hey.” We both said at the same time. The room was quite when my cell phone went off making me jump. Pulling it out I see that its Ema.

“Hello, Ema....” I said answering it.

(Written by KayCee K.)

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