Me, You, Us

Best friends Ema Morgan and Taree Bradley are ready to take the world on... well at less L.A. that is. Ema a star on Big Time Rush with Taree's cousin James and her crush Logan. Meanwhile, Taree doesn't know what she wants to do with her life until she meets Keaton, from Emblem 3 when she's at her friends, Harry Styles, party. Will L.A. be as nice as its weather or is there a storm come?


1. Cast



Meet: Ema Marissa Morgan

Love Interest: Logan Henderson

Anyone interested in her: Logan Henderson

Info: Born in England, Raised in Las Vegas. Currently in California. She moved from the UK to the US when she was five years old when her parents got divorced after ten years of marriage. She first resided in Las Vegas, Nevada until she was about ten before moving to California. Her father owns a television network and her mother worked from home. Ema has 3 siblings who are all older than her; Kylen, Samantha, and Nikki. She aspired to become an actress and when she turned sixteen her dreams came true. Nickelodeon offered her a role on the hit show Big Time Rush and even though it was a kid show, she still took the offer. She then became close with Kendall and Logan instantly, later on then developing feelings for Logan. Kendall and Carlos know about her crush but Logan and James doesn't. She's a singer and her album is slowly developing. She plans on waiting to go to college, wanting to build her acting and singing career first.



Meet Taree Bradley

Love Interest: Keaton (Emblem3)

Anyone interested in her: Keaton and Harry

The middle child of three siblings; older brother Jeff is studding to become a doctor, just like her father, while younger sister is just starting 5th grad. She is James’s cousin. Her newest male best friend is the player of One Direction, Harry Styles; but that’s all they’ll ever be. But when she meets the guys of Emblem3, decides to stay in L.A. and give college a go, find her path; that was the ideal plan…






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