True blood - twilight crossover, Eric and Bella

This story is about Eric northman and Bella swan, of how they met, and what they deal with in the course of there relationship, it will be a prequel to the true blood episodes.


2. Seduction.

This chapter will be in Eric's POV, (Point Of View). There is smut, so if you dont like, skip and don't read.



Rolling over in bed, I stretched out my left arm to feel the cool sheets under my fingers, and no warm body. My eyelids slid open taking in the dark midnight blue walls, the black ceiling that was coverd in mirrors. Looking at my reflection, my blonde hair was messy and spread out resting on my pillow, my naked body was coverd by the thin royal purple sheets.

I sat up and put my legs over the bed, and onto the floor, standing up letting the sheet slide off my body hanging over the bed. My feet took me in the direction of Bella's office, opening the heavy wooden door, walking out of our bedroom, through the halls and under archways, turning left then right.

I stopped at the wooden sliding doors, gently grabbing the handles and pushing the doors open, the room was not small by any means but not excessively large. Grey walls framed by pictures and paintings, shelves lined the walls, books and music kept in them.

Wooden floors covered in soft toe curling rugs, a black and white Victorian style lounge, hugged the left wall, small coffee tables on either side, a dark mahogany desk sat in front of large floor to ceiling window, facing the gardens and fences then onto the woods.

A black leather chair housed a petite yet curvy brown haired woman facing the window. "Bella."

The chair slowly turned around to reveal Bella in a sky blue satin dressing gown, and a pair of glittering black heels, legs crossed over the other, both arms resting on the arm rests. A sexy smirk covered her face and mischief in her eyes.

"Eric, my you look delicious." Bella's eyes ran over my still naked form, her smirk getting bigger if possible. I felt my cock get hard as Bella licked her lips, the smell of her arousal in the air reaching around me, smothering me.

Bella slowly lifted her hands, and ran them down her body to the tied sash, and started untying it letting the material slide open, revealing naked skin underneath.

She ran the tips of her fingers over stomach up to her breasts circling her nipples before moving up to her neck, running over the two bite marks, that had scarred over from biting too many times in the same spot and how deep I usually bit.

I palmed my cock, slowly circling the head feeling pre-cum leaking out, before stroking my self, up, down, up, down.

Bella slowly teasingly spread her legs, her left and running down her smooth body to her hairless pussy, her breath hitched as she ran her finger over clit, circling, round and round, slowing down her pace before picking up her pace, repeating the same pattern.

"Eric, Eric." My name was a chant on her soft full lips, her eyes rolling back into her head, eyelids closing, soft whimpers coming from her.

My hand moved along my cock faster, stroking, twisting my hand from the tip to the base, I watched as Bella slowly put one didget into her opening, moving it in and out at a slow punishing pace.

Her whimpers soon turned into moans, her breasts bouncing as her chest heaved, she added a second then a third didget.

"So full, uuhh, please Eric!" She said, and I knew she was fantasizing about all the naughty things I would do to her.

I knew she was on the brink of an orgasm when her moans got louder and louder, her legs and stomach twitching with every thrust of her fingers.

"Bella!" My voice commanded, heavy with power. Instantly her movements stilled, her eyes remained closed, I knew she had been trying to seduce me, get one up on me, trying to be in control. Oh lover, not smart.

"Look at me." I said as I walked towards her still palming my cock, I stopped in front of her, my cock centimetres from her face. Bella opened her eyes and looking straight at my dick, before moving them up my body to my eye.

"Naughty Bella, trying to be in control, you know what happens now." Bella nodded her head, whilst licking her lips.

"you know what to do now lover."

Bella wrapped her hand around my cock, pumping her hand smearing pre-cum around the head to the base. Bella gave the tip a soft slow sensual lick, and a kiss to the head, before swallowing more than half, sucking and hollowing her cheeks to cause friction that was full of pleasure.

My hand lifted and tangled in her hair at the base of her neck, guiding her head at any speed I so desired.

"Yesss, that's it Bella." I moaned out the words a Bella's continued with her sucking, my head falling backwards in pleasure, Bella's moaning caused vibrations to run along my sensitive cock causing the most pleasure.

I looked into her eyes, as she started to swallow more deep throating, my breathing was erratic as I continued to watch her deep throat me, her glazed eyes staring into mine.

"Beellaa" I hissed a I felt my self on the brink of orgasm, Bella stopped sucking and released my cock, I grabbed her hands and pulled her up and out of the chair, sitting my self in it instead, then pulling Bella into my lap, her legs on either side of me.

I raised her so my dick was pointed at her entrance, then slowly pulled her down and entered her, both Bella and my self moaning at the connection we now shared.

"Please Eric." Bella was a moaning mess, so sensitive from her near orgasm, wanting one so deeply, craving it. My hands rested on her hips guiding her in slow steady movement.

I pulled her head down and roughly kissed her, parting her lips duelling with her tongue, stroking and twisting with it. the kiss was rough and fast.

My hips thrust up in time to meat Bella's thrusts, perfect in timing and speed. "Eric harder, god."

Bella said breaking from the kiss. I kept my pace the my left hand running up her body to squeeze her breasts, tugging at a nipple before wrapping my lips around it, sucking and grazing my teeth on it.

I released it with a soft 'pop' my left hand still playing with her other nipple, "Say please Isabella."

"Eric why must you do th- ohmygod!" The sharp twist and tug of her nipple stopped her sentence, her breathing harsh, her body still thrusting over my body.

"Say please!"

"Please Eric, oh god, please please."

"Good girl."

I rested my hand back on Bella's hip mirroring my other hand, thrusting up into her at vampire speed, her breasts were bouncing from the rough movements, her head tilted back a look of rapture on her face.

I felt my fangs extend ready to bite when in the middle of orgasm.

"All most there Eric, oohh."

I lifted my hand to her pussy and rubbed my fingers against her clit, rubbing hard and fast wanting to bring her to climax.

"Are you gonna cum Isabella?" She nodded her head franticly. "Cum, cum now!"

"ohmygod, aahh, oh go oh god." I felt Isabella's wall tighten around me constricting around my cock, forcing my own orgasm.

I hissed as I came my breathing heavy, I quickly bit into Bella's breast, sucking and drawing blood, hearing Bella moan above, I pulled away retracting my fangs.

Bella leaned down to rest her forehead against mine. " jag älskar dig." (I love you)

She kissed my lips softly, smiling. "jag älskar dig" (I love you) I replied.



First time writing smut, eep. Reviews always welcome. :)


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