True blood - twilight crossover, Eric and Bella

This story is about Eric northman and Bella swan, of how they met, and what they deal with in the course of there relationship, it will be a prequel to the true blood episodes.


3. Fangtasia.

Sorry I'm late with this chapter, :-/ This will be Bella's POV.

Bella POV.


I walked out of the club office, wiping the last bit of dripping blood off of my lips, Eric always has such a nice taste.

Smirking at the woman who were throwing nasty looks my way, for having the smell of Eric on me, I walked past them making my way around the club, seeing how everything looked, the bar was full of full of humans and vampires with longshadow serving everybody.

The heels of my stilettos clicked against the floor as I made my way past the tables and dance floor, humans and vampires were grinding together with the vampires looking at their meals hungrily.

I walked through the tables, stopping at a vampire who was looking like he was going to fly over the tables at his meal.

"Casper, ruleesss, take her out side and away." I purred to him, my hand resting on his shoulder, nails digging in slightly. Casper turned his head nodding at me. I removed my hand as he started to stand, "Come April."

I waited until they had walked out of the back door of the club, I turned around taking in the sight and smells, my eyes closing and a sigh coming from my mouth. I opened my eyes, looking in the direction of the thrones.

His black shirt and jacket contoured to his body even whilst he was sitting his attention was elsewhere.

My lip top lip curled slightly, when I noticed that his attention was the stripper that was dancing and working the pole. Hmm, really Eric. I licked my lips and smoothed my curly hair, running my hands down the contours of my body.

My black leather key hole dress, was attention grabbing with it being held up at the neck and a medium sized cut out in the front showing clevege and only mid-thigh. Yes, Eric seems to love this dress, I wonder why.

I thought with a smirk as I strutted my way to the thrones. Eric noticed me walking towards him, my hips swaying drawing his attention, a silly stupid smirk coming to his face. I walked up the small set of steps slowly coming to stand in front of him.

"Yes lover?" He said the smirk still plasted on his face. I walked to him and stood in-front of his spread legs, leaning over, resting my hands on his legs, my face in-front of his.

"Why Eric? You know how I get." I whispered to him running my hands up is thighs, pressing my lips the corner of his mouth, dragging my lips across his skin and up to his ear, "I get quite jealous." My right hand came up to his crotch and squeezed hard.

"Mmm, how it hurts." I moaned into his ear.

Eric grunted as I brought my face back to his, an evil smirk on my face, as Eric's face twisted slightly in pain. His fangs making an appearance.

Eric's eyes stared straight into mine, "Mmm, lover. You're forgetting-" His right hand suddenly shot up, and wrapped around my neck, adding pressure, "-I like the pain just as much as you."

My breath hitched as I realised my mistake, no one could ever one up Eric.

Eric's thumb traced my jaw before moving up to my lips, tracing my bottom lip, whilst licking his, his face transforming into a lustful smirk filled with danger. "Hand."

With a slight twist of my lips, I removed my hand, and placed it with the other back on his thighs, "Will you behave lover?"

My mouth opened so I could answer. "Ah,ah lover. Shh." My hands clenching and unclenching on his thighs, my fangs came out with a click.

His mouth dropped open slightly in surprise, his eyes lighting up probably thinking of all the ways he could punish me. "What's this? Tsk tsk, lover."

Eric pulled me onto him so I was straddling him, his left hand holding my hip and his right scrunching up into my hair, pulling my head back exposing my neck and arching my back, even though I was on top, I was defiantly not in control.

Eric sat forward and and contoured his body to mine his eyes meeting mine, "Isabeellaa, hmm, what a naughty little minx you are tonight."

I could feel his breath on my face moving closer to mine, "Eyes closed." I let my eyes drop close, my breathing stuttered, nothing happened and I was growing more anxious by the second, if his plan was to make me wait and not be prepared for what was going to come, it was working.

I shifted my body and felt his erection, of course, a small whimper escaped my mouth, "Stop!" Was the rough reply.

Just as I was about to release another whimper Eric struck, he bit right into the curve of my neck rough and hungry. A sharp gasp fell from my opened mouth, my hands clutching the back of his head. The pain was almost unbearable as I had not been expecting it, and was not ready for it.

After a few seconds of Eric drawing blood, the pleasure began to ease away the pain, making it's way through my body, a soft whispered moan it way through my mouth, "Erriic."

I slowly started grinding my body against Eric's, my hands moving down to his chest clutching his jacket, enjoying the pleasure still mixed with pain, "Please Eric, please take me."

Eric pulled his mouth away from my neck, small drops of blood running down the side of his mouth, he lifted his hand that was on my hip bringing it up to is face, wiping the blood away, before putting his hand back where it was before.

"Would you like that lover?" I nodded my head quickly at his answer, looking into his lustful hazed eyes.

"Mmm, you've been bad Isabella." His deep voice answered, his hands tightening where they were.

"No, please Eric, please." My eyes glaring into his, pain etching into my voice, as I knew what was coming.

"Mhmm, yes Isabella. You're punishment for tonight is, you must not bring yourself to release at all." I whimpered at him, after he feed on me I was a ball of hot mess. Horny, angry, restless.

"Please Eric, I'll be good, I promise!"

"I have no doubt you will, now turn around and stay seated." Eric released my hip and hair and with a heated look and an annoyed huff I slowly turned around on Eric so I was facing the club but my legs were on top of the arm rest dangling over it.

Eric's legs were still slightly spread with his left arm on the free arm rest and his right hand resting on my thighs. Both Eric and myself were watching the club, myself getting slightly distracted by Eric as he was rubbing my thighs.

A curvy blonde haired woman, in revealing clothes, slowly started to walk to us swaying her hips, soon getting on her knees, and crawling towards us, flicking her blue eyes, from Eric then to myself before back.

She lifted her hand stopping in front of us, her fingers grazed Eric's shin, I let out a feral hiss at her. She dropped her hand slightly, coming closer than before, rising up on her knees before touching Eric's shin again.

I let out a even louder hiss, earning a few looks, before backhanding her sending her sailing through the air landing on a table, breaking it as well as cutting her cheek bone, a bruise all ready forming.

Never touch what doesn't belong to you.

As soon as fresh blood hit the air, everything stopped, everyone becoming entranced by her blood, even myself but not Eric, never Eric.

Eric's hand tightened on my thigh, "Control." He whispered in my ear.

My breathing was slightly laboured, my hand coming up to grip Eric's that was on my thigh. I was only three and half years into being a vampire, my control over my thirst was amazing for someone of my age, it also helped that one of my powers, was being able to ignore the temptation of blood.

It certainly didn't help this woman was O negative, a rare but my favourite blood type. My fingers itched to grab her and drain her dry, sucking all of the sweet blood from her body. 

A vampire by the name of Yohan, made a move towards the blonde on the floor, he crouched at her side, pulling back bit if her messy hair, "Oh, what happened, come, I can make it all better."

At hearing those words come out of his mouth, I let out a feral hiss, my body tensing, if anybody was going to get her it would be me

I felt one of Eric's arms wrap around my waist, and the other sliding up my chest, to wrap his hand around my neck.

"Calm, Isabella." Eric spoke softly but forcefully. 

"My lady?" Yohan asked as he looked at us. Desire for the human aswell as confusion, and fear, clear on his face.

"It's all-right Yohan, you may take the female." Eric spoke coolly, totally calm, not even rattled by the vampire on top of him. 

As Yohan helped the woman of the floor, I let out a feral hiss/growl at them. Eric nipped at my ear before talking. "Isabella! Stop!" 

I dug my nails into his arm snapping at them as well as Eric. I had never reacted this way before to someone's blood, the smell was intoxicating, I wanted her, and she was getting taken away.

"Isabella! If you can't control yourself, you'll receive thirty painful lashing every-night for the next week!" Eric growled roughly in my ear. Tightening his hold on me.

In a hiss I spoke, "Please, please Eric."

"Shh lover. Yohan you may taker her, everyone else continue what you were doing." Yohan and the blonde who was dazed walked away out the back entrance door.

"Noo, Eric." I whimpered as they left. Pouting like I was a child. I could feel, Eric's and I's blood bond, feel him, sending calming and peaceful emotions, my way, Wrapping around and smothering me like a glove.

"Deep breathe's, lover." Eric continued to whisper in my ear.

"Eric?" I closed my eyes and started to calm my racing heart and get a hold of myself as Pam spoke.

".Er Isabella alright?" {Is Isabella alright} Pam spoke softly, calmingly. I felt Eric's hand drop as he spoke.

" Ja, blodet overveldet henne ." {Yes, the blood overwhelmed her.} Eric said, as both of his hands stroked my thighs. Yes. I let out a final deep breath, resting the back of my head on Eric's shoulder. With my eyes still closed, Eric kissed the side of my jaw. 

I grabbed both of his hands of my legs, squeezing them in a silent thank you.

"Vi har et problem." {We have a problem.} Pam said, shifting from foot to foot.

Odd, I thought, Pam's never nervous.

I sighed shifting on Eric, getting comfortable. I felt Eric's nose shifting through my hair, inhaling and wrapping both of his arms around my waist.

"Ja Pam." {Yes Pam} Eric muttered, totally not concerned at all. With my eyes still closed I started to imagine what Eric and I could be doing at this moment.

Our body moving against each other, heated breaths and whispered pleas. Sighs and moans, grunts and growls.

I was brought back to reality to Eric asking, "hvem?" {Who?}

And that when I smelt it, the sun, cinnamon, and hints of bleach, something I had only smelt when I was a human.

I flicked my eyes open, a hiss escaping my mouth before I spoke, "Cullen's." 


There here!! They have finally arrived, things are going to get ugly. Possessive and Protective. Jealousy and Anger. Hot and Heavy. It's all happening.

Comment/reviews always welcome.

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