True blood - twilight crossover, Eric and Bella

This story is about Eric northman and Bella swan, of how they met, and what they deal with in the course of there relationship, it will be a prequel to the true blood episodes.


1. Diary

A/N: this story will be switching to different pov's (point of view) for the different characters, oh and I own none of the characters except the few I will add, and I own the story line, all rights go to the respective authors.


I thought Edward was my mate, but I was wrong, thankfully.

So here I am, living in Bon Temps, running a club with my husband, waiting for our maker to come an visit us. My maker is everything to me, father, brother, son, and friend. His name is Godric. He was kind and gentle, but did not have the patience to deal with people who are rude to him, his family, or are rude in  his nest.

We met a few years back after Edward left, and Jacob left after he imprinted on a nice girl, I was a little sketchy, being the natural mysteries personae he portrayed, but after a while of helping me deal with what happened to me with Edward, (not going into it) we became close friends then brother and sister. He helped me with a lot of things my eating, my happiness and, my nightmares, were all fixed to Godric helping me to the best of his abilities, I still do get the occasional nightmare but that's fixed with the help of my mate.

Now my mate on the other hand, wasn't kind and gentle, well he was but not often, he had the whole sexy blond vampire thing going on, he was dominating, rough and possessive, but he did have a gentle and kind side that I rarely saw, but when I did see it, I cherished the moment, don't get me wrong I love being dominated, inside the bed and out, but it was nice to be made love too, instead of a nice hard fuck.

But when I still recall the memory of how Eric and myself met, it was so unconventional, and unrealistic having horny vampires, humans and strippers dancing around, I was with Godric so I felt safe around them all, after all I was a few months into being a vampire, and I still was told I had a very nice smell, but cause I was only a couple months into being a vampire, I had nice control over my thirst for blood, but if I was really happy, excited, or horny, I would almost lose control and I would have to leave the human population for a while and go find fresh blood in a secluded area.

But back to Eric, the first time I saw him was sitting  on that goddam chair he calls a throne, looking very sexy, hehehe.


{| MEMORY |}

As I got out of the car I was tugging down them hem of my dress as I was a bit nervous.

"Don't worry Bella, no one is going to hurt you. And stop worrying about the dress, it's fine." Godric smiled before taking my hand in his.

The reason why I was wearing a dress was because, after the Cullens left and Godric found me, he gave me so much confidence, it took a while, but after that I was fine wearing dresses and shorts and all that. I started eating properly and gained some weight in all the right places, my curves filled out and my breasts got slightly bigger.

The dress was mid-thigh length, it was black and red striped, my hair was braided to hang over my left shoulder, just below my breasts. My make-up wasn't to light nor to heavy. I had on thin eyeliner,and a dark red velvet lipstick, a no smudge one. I also had on a bracelet with a heart on it, with Godric's name on the heart, Godric also had the same except no heart, but my name was on a gold plate attached to his bracelet.

Godric walked us straight to the front entrance, and started taking to the woman at the door, I looked around at both the vampires and humans waiting to get inside, the vampires leaning slightly sniffing the air and looking at me, one in particular stepped out of line, heading in my direction, I moved closer to Godric trying getting his attention, only to hear a feral growl, and the vampire stopping in his tracks, whimpering and moved back to the end of the line. I turned back to Godrics conversation with the woman.

''Eric's inside, sitting were he usually sits.'' Godric nodded his head and started to enter, but stopped as the lady who's name I found out later was Pam said, ''Oh and Isabella,'' I lifted my eyes to meet her's, ''Have a wonderful night.'' She purred, whilst licking her lips.

I gave a nod of my head, before heading inside with Godric. Once we passed through the front entrance, the blast of smell was... delicious. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, breathing deeply, I could feel my control slipping, as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt someone take my hand, turning my head to the left I found it was Godric, with concern shinning through his eyes.

''I'm okay brother, but please can we sit somewhere, I'm quite thirsty.'' Godric only nodded his head. Godric and myself moved through the bodies of both human and vampires, every now and and then I would catch some vampires staring at me, but they did not move in the direction of Godric and myself.

Drawing my attention away form the vampire and human population, was the look of the club, there was no bright happy colours, only dark, moody and depressing, colours. The walls were painted deep blood reds, with bits of purple here and there and lights streamed across the walls and bar, in one corner sat a small area with a drum set, microphone, and guitars, tables and chairs were spread out around the room, with large leather lounges up against the walls, along the back wall was a well set up bar stocked with various alcohol and blood types, with many people ordering and drinking alcohol and blood.

Pictures and ornaments lined the walls, giving of a sense of mystery to the place. A few t.v's lined the walls, but I have no idea why you would have t.v's in a place like this, when all the entertainment you needed was the strippers, fang bangers ready to fuck, and almost every person here half naked and dancing.

''Bella'' I was brought out of my thoughts by Godric letting go of my hand and pulling my chair put for me. I sat down, pulling my chair slightly forward.

"Thank you, would we able to get a drink, I'm rather thirsty?" I said to Godric as my eyes scanned the room, taking in all the vampires and humans having a good time. My eyes came to a male vampire sitting on a throne slightly raised of the floor, his gold hair shining under the dark lights, black shirt and pants tight, almost sculpted to his body oozing sex appeal. Minimal jewellery, and black men's boots completed the look.

I watched as his eyes flicked around he room, scanning everything that was happening around him with minimal interest. Our eyes connected for a few seconds before his eyes flickered over to Godric, a small twitch of the lips and a nod that was signaled in Godrics direction.

Godric returned the same look before telling me to stay seated and he would return with our drinks. My eyes went back to the blonde man, I noticed his eyes roam over my body, he breathed in deeply, smelling my arousal his lips twitched up into a smirk, and his eyes darkned with hunger and desire, if I was still human I would have blushed serverly. the spell that had been weaved around us was broken as Godric returned with an opened bottle of a+ true blood.

Godric placed the bottle in front of me, I quickly grabbed it and took one huge gulp of blood before, placing it back onto the table. "Thank you, Godric." I looked at Godric as I spoke, a small smile coming to my lips, Godric smiled before replying, "you're welcome, Bella. Now after you finish with your true blood, I have someone I would like for you to meet."

Godric eyes had a certain shimmer as he spoke of this person, his body seeming to come alive, his face becoming animated. I only knew very few people who could make my maker react this way.

I only nodded along as he spoke of this person, listing to him as he said this person was like a son to him, I knew he had another progeny, so I new this must be the man we were going to meet tonight. I quickly sculled my bottle of true blood, before placing it back on the table and dabbing at my face with a napkin, before giving Godrics hand a squeeze and saying "I'm ready." with a small smile.

Godric stood and I followed his movements, he re-took my hand and started leading me across the room, I looked up and around, realised we were heading towards the blonde man on the throne, he was watching us walking towards him, his attention always shifting from myself to Godric and back again.

Godric lead us up the small sets of stairs and we stood in front of the man, I watched a he stood and took a step forward and started to embrace Godric in a hug, resulting in Godric letting go my hand. They pulled apart small smiles on each of their faces. Godric took a step back before putting an arm around my waist, before pulling me slightly forward.

"Eric, this is Isabella, my newest progeny."

"Bella" I quickly said after Godric had finished his sentence. I watched as Eric eyes roamed my body, pausing for a mili-second before moving back up to my face, his face seemed glow with desire, and a mischievous smirk upon his lips.

His hand lifted before gently but firmly taking my left hand the palm of my hand facing up and feeling the slightest brush of his smooth lips against the inside of my wrist, his breath trailing across my skin. I could feel my pulse race, and my breathing slightly laboured.

"Isabella." Was softly whispered against skin, his tone filled with promises of hunger, desire and domination.



Hope everyone enjoyed so far!! Comments/reveiws always welcome. More coming soon!

Thanx :) Love Lokis Queen!!





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