We're special....

All I can say is, crazy teenager lifes


2. Hot Tubbing

Harry just got here and we are heading into the hot tub. The ground is cold so Harry carries me, I don't know why but I laugh the whole time, I think it's his reaction to the cold ground.

As soon as we get in it is really nice.... But all I can look at is Harry, he is so cute and funny and everything a girl could ever want. I love him so much.

We talk for hours and hours, about school, his band whatever is happening. But after a while I realize that tonight is the night.........

He flags me over and I slowly move over to him as he reaches behind me and slowly undos the top of my bathing suit, I giggle and pull down his pants and pull down mine. "We're nude" he says "OMG!!!!!! AAH" I cannot believe he said that, I can't stop laughing omg! I smile and kiss him slowly, carefully.

We are "making out" for a while and make our way into the house and up to my room. I've done it before so I'm not scared but I've never done "it" with Harry.

We get up to my room and we are already nude, so we just ya.... U know what comes next.....

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