We're special....

All I can say is, crazy teenager lifes


1. Boyfriend

"My boyfriends name is Harry, and yes it is Harry Styles. I love him to death and personally I think we have a special relationship...." I write in my journal just as there is a knock on the door.

I run out of my room down the stairs and to the door. I am rich too, just sayin! So my house is really big and it took me a while. I open the door and see Harry with his cute little smirk and huge dimples.

I jump into his arms and wrap my legs around him. He grabs my butt and I giggle. My face goes in his curls but it's so soft, like a baby..... Haha.

He puts me down and we lean into a kiss. I lean back, smile, then go back in. He absolutely hates it when I bite my lip so I do just to tease him. "C'mon babe u know I hate it when u do that." He starts blushing.

I smile and say, "How about you come over later and we can go in my hot tub!" And he replies with "depends, what will we be wearing?" "Bathing suits duh!" He gives me a sad face and I push him playfully and close the door.

Sorry for the short chapter, idk if I like this story.... Can you tell me if it's good?!?!


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