Hidden love ~larry stylinson ~mature

Louis reads a Larry Stylinson FANFICTION sent to him by a devoted Directioner and realises his feeling for Harry.
Will he come clean and tell Harry or just ignore his feelings?
Read to find out :):)
By me and my bezzie sister :)


3. the club and mystery girl!

*warning mature content ;)*

Louis POV:-

The music was pounding in my ears and I was starting to get a headache, but then I remembered why I was here in the first place.. to get revenge on Harry,, and to hook up with a hot bird,, even if it just to get rid of the pain even for a little while..

Soon, I seen a hot chick,, bleach, blond hair, electric blue eyes, the skimpiest dress I have ever seen it looked more like a belt. Her boobs and her arse were practically popping our of her 'dress'. Even if I was straight I would never ever think of dating her,, gosh she is plastered in that make-up. 'Oh well she'll do' I thought to myself. After downing my last five shots of tequila, i walked up to the girl with do much swag, I could've put Justin Bieber to shame! As I reached her I could feel the adrenaline running through my veins due to the alcohol in my blood. I grabbed her hand and tugged her to the dance floor, where she instantly started to grind against me! After about ann hour of dancing, well grinding and a very heated make out session,

"Your house or mine? I asked the girl who's name I still haven't caught

"Mine" she slurred obviously smashed from all the alcohol intake. So I hailed a cab to 1235 pain terrace (made it up) because that's where her flat was. When we got out of the cab and walked into the building I smashed my lips into her, kicked the front door open and quickly slammed the door shut again the same way and forcefully pinned her against the door, at thy point I knew that the tequila had completely taken over my body.

*mature scene, if you don't want to read go to the authors note*

As we were kissing I roughly bit her lip in desperation, I pinched her ass indicating her to jump. When she did I carried her to what I thought was the bedroom and luckily it was. As we hit the bed, I ripped the dress the had on off and threw it across the room, not caring where it had landed, after all I be gone before she woke up in the morning ;)

I shoved my tongue in her mouth whilst we fought for dominance and I could fell my bulge growing against her vagina.

In less than a minute our clothes had been ripped of our bodies, and I was teasing her by rubbing her cliterus, making her moan endlessly.

Then without warning I slammed into her making her body shake with the force of my thrust. Let's just say that had her screaming.

Soon, she was screaming 'IM SO CLOSE' and I could feel I was too, so I replied 'me too, come for me baby' and that was all it took for her to release around me and make me come inside the condom (ALWAYS USE PROTECTION KIDS). I lay down exhausted and watched her as she fell asleep with black mascara staining her cheeks from the intensity of our intimate moment.

I awoke at 7:00am due to my phone ringing, it was harry!

"What?" I groaned into the phone my voice still drowning with sleep.

"Where the fuck are you!" Harry screamed down the phone.

"At some chicks house, why?" I questioned.

"For fuck sake, Lou I left the back door open last night, anything could've happened and you didn't even end up coming home!" I could practically feel him glaring at me through the phone and his face being beetroot red from anger.

"Sorry Hazza, I'll be back in around 15 minutes, I'll talk to you then" I explained feeling guilty for making him worry.

"You better be or there will be a punishment!" He growled through the phone making me swallow thickly with arouse.

As I quickly gathered up my clothes, I fled the flat, got into my car and started to speed down the busy roads of London.

The best part was she didn't even know my name :)


I'm not going to make many of these because I know how annoying they are, but I'm ill right now and won't be updating as often as I would like but I'm also struggling with problems too, so please bear with me!! Love you unicorns!!

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