Hidden love ~larry stylinson ~mature

Louis reads a Larry Stylinson FANFICTION sent to him by a devoted Directioner and realises his feeling for Harry.
Will he come clean and tell Harry or just ignore his feelings?
Read to find out :):)
By me and my bezzie sister :)


1. prologue

It all happened when Louis was asked to read a Directioners Larry fanfic, whilst he was reading it he didn't realise the emotions stirring up inside his stomach whenever he read over Harry's name. Recently, Louis has been instant from Harry. Harry is feeling alone and thinks he has no-one because his mom was busy working and Gemma was study in university, he felt that Louis was the only one who really understands him. Feeling depressed Harry seeks comfort in his best friend Nick Grimshaw. Louis sees that Harry has been very upset lately and finally goes to confront Harry about it but he finds Nick and 'his' Harry "snuggled up" together on the sofa, watching Love Actually, which is the film that both he and Harry life to watch whilst spooning, Louis gets the wrong impression and thinks that Harry is with Nick and gets really upset but in reality all Harry wanted was for his Boobear to love him.

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