Hidden love ~larry stylinson ~mature

Louis reads a Larry Stylinson FANFICTION sent to him by a devoted Directioner and realises his feeling for Harry.
Will he come clean and tell Harry or just ignore his feelings?
Read to find out :):)
By me and my bezzie sister :)


6. chapter 5- Louis's self-hatred but manages to forgive Harry

It's been a couple of hours now and Harry is talking to me through the door trying to get me to open the door for him, so far it ain't working

"Louis" Harry whispered in a quavering voice.

"What" I replied warily

"I don't know how to say this but.... I just..... Uhmm.. I..... Love....... You.... A lot, and I have for a while now I was only with Nick yesterday because I wanted to make you jealous, and i can tell it worked" Harry replied in slow, husky voice.

There I sat speechless, but shocked at myself because of the recent events and now it's gonna blow back in my face, I've just got a feeling.

"But do you want to know the worst part Louis, the fact that you want out to sleep with a girl, I know you probably aren't gay like me but that isn't going to change my feelings for you.. EVER!" Harry continued

Finally I found my voice so I could reply to Harry, with much joy.

"Harry, truth is I only slept with that girl last night because I thought that you were with Nick and that you didn't love me like I love you! That was the worst part for me and I never want to feel like that again, so if I told you that I love you, what would you do?" I answered with all of the truth I had left.

"I would tell you I love you too because it's the truth and I would never lie to you, being here without you is like waking up to half a heart I only feel complete when you are here with me."

I could feel the tears start to roll down my face as I hear the truth in Harry's voice, slowly I get up off the bed and unlock the triple bolts on the door.

"Louis, was that the locks being unlocked on the door?" Harry asked cautiously.

"Yes" I whispered.

Warily, Harry opened the door and saw me with dried up tears on my face.

"Why have you been crying boo?" Harry questioned.

"Because what you said was cute and heart-warming, I love you so much Harry Styles!"

A smile slowly spread across Harry's face.

"I love you too handsome!"

Harry's POV (weren't expecting this were you)

I can't believe louis loves me, that is all I have ever wanted since I have met him. I've known I was gay since around 3 moths after I met louis, I don't know he just makes me happy and makes me feel giddy with excitement when he's near.

That's why I always disappear to the bathroom ;);)

I would love to be as close to louis as humanly possible but I don't know if he is ready for that yet. But I suppose I better ask him anyways aren't I, give it a shot I suppose.

"Louis" I softly called him.

"Hmm?" Louis replied gently coming down from his daydreaming state.

Sorry guys I'm gonna leave you with a cliffhanger for now and you'll find out more tomorrow ;) LOVE YOU UNICORNS :):):):):) by Cordy and Caitlin

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