Hidden love ~larry stylinson ~mature

Louis reads a Larry Stylinson FANFICTION sent to him by a devoted Directioner and realises his feeling for Harry.
Will he come clean and tell Harry or just ignore his feelings?
Read to find out :):)
By me and my bezzie sister :)


2. chapter 1~ finding Harry and Grimmy

Louis POV-

I stand there silently watching my Harry spoon with Nick. "Man what the hell am I thinking, Harry isn't even mine" I thought to myself "judging by the way they're laying I bet they had sex" I thought and then grimace to myself at the disturbing image that started to process in my head.

"hey Harry" I said, he looked at me startled

"oh,, hey Lou, how long have you been there?" He questioned as he moved himself off the sofa.

"only about 10 minutes" I sarcastically replied looking at my watch which is non-existent.

"Oh stop the sarcasm Lou.. what do you want?" He replied starting to get angry.

"Geesh, what's your problem Hazza" I curiously asked the curly headed boy in front of me.

"Nothing Lou.. just tired s"all" he sighed an his vivid green eyes wandered around the room as if he was avoiding me.

I stare at him for a few minutes just wondering whether to ask him if he's okay or not.

'Obviously he not okay you dumb bum, you've been avoiding him the last couple of weeks'

'Oh shut up conscience, you not making me feel better'

'Well duh I am your conscience, I'm supposed to make you feel stupid and guilty'

'Great I'm going nuts now,, I'm having an argument with my conscience in my head,, who even does that?'

' you do you moron, get off your ass and sop avoiding hi..'

'Shut up, I'm leaving you meanie,, buh bye'

'Ummm Lou, you okay? You've been stating at me for five minutes now?" Harry said nervously.

"Hmmm, oh yeah I'm fine Hazza, I'm going to the club tonight okay?" I said lying through my pearly white teeth. What the hell was I suppose to say 'no Hazza I'm not okay because I fucking love you but you slept with Nick' yeah because that would turn out well.

"Okay Lou, will you be back tonight?" Harry questions me.

"Ehh, probably not but leave the door open just incase okay,, and don't bother waiting up for me, I'll probably be very late returning, or would it be early.. Hmm?"

Harry chuckles "okay Lou but be safe okay love you Boo!"

'Yeah... but not in the way I love you' I thought sadly to myself. "Okay Haz, I'll be safe, love you too."

As I walked down the driveway to my car, I started to cry. As I sat down in my plush leather seat. I started getting memories flashing in my mind of mine and Harry's bromance moments, like the time we kissed on stage, when I jumped into Harry's arms when I found out we we're put into a group on x-factor. After about 10 minutes, I saw Harry staring out the front window and at my car. So slowly I turned the ignition and backed out of the driveway, whilst fiercely wiping my eyes to clear the tears. Speeding up, I travel down the lonely street of London and to my favourite club 'lightning'

'I know what I'll do, I'll hook up with some chic and get laid, this will be my revenge' I thought angrily as I pull up to the packed car park.

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