Bad Girls&Bad Boys..

So Two Bad Girls Ronnie and Roxanne Go Too the Same school as Bad Boy's Harry styles, Liam Payne...
They Clash because there all so alike..
But what happens when the head master sends them all off too a Posh Boarding school for 2weeks..
Things Get Serious..
Boys get flirty..
Girls Let Loose..
Let The Fun Begin...


17. Part 2 *Harry and Ronnie*

Ronnies POV


I slowly felt Nialls hand slip onto my thigh

I yelped quite loud

"Are you alright miss?" The teacher asked

I nodded sharply and shot Niall a glare and turned back too my paper to see Harry mouthing something to Niall.

I tried to see what they was saying however failed.

The bell rang and Harry and Niall both shot out the seats and on to the field outside.


I immediately new it was me..

I ran down and was trying to stop him

"Ronnie I suggest you move" Harry replied with gritted teeth.

I moved and felt a tear slip down, worry over took me at the thought of seeing harrys life less body..

Harry grabbed Niall and flung him to the floor and stamped on him, Nialls friend Louis dived on Harrys back but harry quickly knocked him out.. Last was Zayn

Before he fought  Harry he strolled over too me

He twirled a piece of my hair that was hanging out the bun and started sucking on my neck I lashed out and smacked him but if never helped.

Harry was fuming over there, he started jogging over until Zayn hit him!
I gasped and ran to harry however he got up and stamped on zayns head I grabbed Harry and just kissed him!

He looked shocked but carried on I jumped and put my  legs round his waist when we felt water sprinklers on us!

Someone had turned them on but we didn't mind, we pull apart I jump down and run away!

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