Bad Girls&Bad Boys..

So Two Bad Girls Ronnie and Roxanne Go Too the Same school as Bad Boy's Harry styles, Liam Payne...
They Clash because there all so alike..
But what happens when the head master sends them all off too a Posh Boarding school for 2weeks..
Things Get Serious..
Boys get flirty..
Girls Let Loose..
Let The Fun Begin...


11. Getting Ready

Ronnies POV;

So theres a party tonight..

A frat party..

One of our close friends Lives there Zayn Hes really nice and good looking!

Hmm..What to wear?

I trotted over too my wardrobe then glanced back at my clock shit it was 7:00 better hurry up Roxys coming soon!

I scanned my wardrobe and got stuck between three outfits..

In the end I looked like this;

I grabbed my handbag and dived round too Roxys.. 







Ronnie walked in the house..

"Hey Kelly!" She shouted to roxys Mom..

"Hiya Ronnie" she smiled carrying a plate of carrots and placing them on the side.

Ronnie grabbed one and took the plate upstairs too roxy..

"Hey Rox" Ronnie chuckled as she tripped

"Hey There Ron come in like yourself" She laughed.


"Do you like what im wearing?" Roxy asked as she smoothed down her dress..

"Yeah it looks Great" Ronnie Smiled.





"Thanks, Lets go"







* Sorry Its short Might update Later*

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