Bad Girls&Bad Boys..

So Two Bad Girls Ronnie and Roxanne Go Too the Same school as Bad Boy's Harry styles, Liam Payne...
They Clash because there all so alike..
But what happens when the head master sends them all off too a Posh Boarding school for 2weeks..
Things Get Serious..
Boys get flirty..
Girls Let Loose..
Let The Fun Begin...


6. Fun....

Ronnie Roxy Liam and Harry fetched some eggs from the corner shop..

and lobbed them at a bus and then ran!

"Ive got an idea.." Harry Suggested..

"Really? what? Share harry.." Liam pleaded..

"We could go Clubbing!"

"Oooo Sick yep. Count me in!" Liam cheered.

"Well I'd come but look what im wearing so I cant" Ronnie sighed..

"Yeah same" Roxy Agreed..

"Well lets go home get changed and then go in my car?" Harry Asked.

"Okay Then" Roxy sung...

The ran all the way back too there houses..

And started to get ready..


Harry went into Ronnies house with her.

Liam went into Roxys House with Roxy too..

Liam and Harry sort of did a happy dance as they entered the girls house..


Ronnies' Pov:

I skipped up the stairs with Harry slowly strolling behind me..

He plonked himself on my bed as I dived over too my wardrobe..

Hmm What too Choose.


In the end i chose what i wanted to wear..

"Um Harry i need too get changed" I pointed out..

"Im Okay here!" He Chuckled...

"Urgg! Your so stubborn! "

"I'm Not..!" Harry pretended too be angry.

"You are!"

"Am Not"



"See i asked you to leave and you wont..stubborn.."

"Haha..Its a good stubborn though"

"Hmm..Leave you too think that " I huffed..


I slowly lifted my top of when i heard a gasp..

I turned around too see harrys shocked face..

"Harry! You said you would turn around!!"

"Er-m O-mg."

"Whats Up with you?"


"Never seen a girl before??" I laughed..

"Not one as beautiful as You.." He whispered

I heard him.. But wanted too ask Again..


"Erm Nothing.."

I slipped out my Skirt and dived into my fresh clubbing out fit

*You will See at the end what she wore*




Liam turned around when Roxy was changing..

However he did have a few sneaky looks here and there..


Liams Pov;

"Wow shes gorge.."

Oh shit did i say that out loud!

For god sake liam...

"what?" Her sweet innocent voice asked.

"Erm Nothing just talking to myself.."

"Liam Payne talking too himself..Yeah Right" She puffed..

"Hey! Im not that Bad.."

"You are.."





Ronnie Looked like this;



Roxy Looked Like this;

And They Jumped into Harrys car and set off too the club in town...

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