Bad Girls&Bad Boys..

So Two Bad Girls Ronnie and Roxanne Go Too the Same school as Bad Boy's Harry styles, Liam Payne...
They Clash because there all so alike..
But what happens when the head master sends them all off too a Posh Boarding school for 2weeks..
Things Get Serious..
Boys get flirty..
Girls Let Loose..
Let The Fun Begin...


7. Club..

They pulled up outside of the club..

Roxy and Ronnie jumped out the back..

Harry and Liam Dived out the front..

Harry ran round the front of the car and stood by Ronnie..

"Is it Okay if i hold your hand?" Harry whispered..

"Bad boy Harry Styles asking for permission?" Ronnie laughed

"True, I always get what i want.."

He grabbed her hand and did a little chuckle too Himself..

Liam and Roxy were holding hands too as they entered the club..


Ronnies Pov;

Those words strung my ears

' I always get what i want..'

I wonder what he means by that..

I always get what i want..

That's pretty scary..

Oh well..

I felt my arm was tensing up as he held my hand

"Relax.." He whispered in my ear.

A little moan slipped out my mouth..

"Oh shit" I chuckled..

"Oh god Ronnie, Your amazing" Harry Laughed..

"I know " I said and did a cheeky wink..




Roxy and Liam were sat in the corner of the club whispering

"I like you yanoo Roxy.."

"Haha, After what you said yesterday. sure you do!"
"Honestly i do! I thought you didn't like it that's Why i said it.."
"Liam i don't want to talk about it lets just carry on doin what were doing.."




Harry and Ronnie brought the drinks over to Liam and Roxy,

"Hey guys I'm just going too Pop too the loos, Roxy Come with me hun?" Ronnie Shouted over the music..

"Yeah Okay see you in a minute Lads " Roxy Shouted..

Roxy and Ronnie strolled away through the swarm of sweaty bodys dancing..




Ronnie and Roxy walked into the toilet's and waited for one of the loos too be free

"Hello.." Ronnie called out

"Anybody here?" Roxy Questioned..

Then a loo door burst open and so did the second one..

revealing two men..

"Oh look what we have here two sexy ass babes.."

"Move out of my way you freak? kay.?" Ronnie Spitted.

"Ooo Fistey one!"
 The second man moved to the door and locked it..

"Okay this is weird, What are you fucking doing?" Roxy said In a confused tone...

"A little fun love.."

"I suggest you go because you will die.. We have got two men out there with us both Bad boys with really bad tempers.. And there not scared of noting..They will do anything!"
"Pfftt, I bet"



"YOU OKAY?"A  familiar Husky voice shouted..

"NOOO" Ronnie screamed..

"Shut up.."  The strange man whispered...


The door burst open and Liam and Harry came charging in..

"WHATS GOING ON?" Liam screwed..

"Help Us and Get us out of this loo before we do something we'd regret.." 

"First we need too do something" Harry Demanded..

Ronnie and Roxy went to the corner..


Harry threw a punch at the  man causing him to fall on the floor.

Liam dived on the other Man and was throwing punches too..

The men threw a few punches back but didn't do much..

Harry was sitting on top of the Man..

He got off and so did Liam..

Blood dripping from the hand's..

"Oh Harry come on lets go back too yours and ill Sort your hands out.." Ronnie Explained

"Yeah Ill do  the same for you Liam " Roxy said..


The girls stepped over the men..

"Told you they'd do something.." Ronnie Laughed

Roxy Chuckled and jumped over the second man..

And kicked him hard in the stomach causing him too cough up some blood..




They walked out the club like nothing had happened...


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