Bad Girls&Bad Boys..

So Two Bad Girls Ronnie and Roxanne Go Too the Same school as Bad Boy's Harry styles, Liam Payne...
They Clash because there all so alike..
But what happens when the head master sends them all off too a Posh Boarding school for 2weeks..
Things Get Serious..
Boys get flirty..
Girls Let Loose..
Let The Fun Begin...


5. Art..

Ronnies Pov;

I stormed into art

Highly offended of what Harry said..

I pulled my chair out harshly..

"ERM. Ronnie CLAM DOWN!"

"Shut up, No-one likes you"

"Oh Ronnie that's your warning!"

"Ooo Im scared" I muttered..

I heard the door fling open.

I Turned and saw Harry approaching our table...

This will be fun..





Roxy came storming in and sat in her place and crossed her arms Liam following behind quickly..

Mrs Smith placed paints out on the table..

As Ronnie was washing her brush in the water Pot she felt a splodge on her Face.

She turned around with a very shocked expression on her face..

She couldn't hold it any longer and burst out laughing

Harry stood there slyly with his paint brush..

Ronnie picked up he paint brush plonked some pink paint on it a flicked it towards Harry and it landed right in the middle of his forehead..

"That's it Ronnie.." Harry Laughed..


Meanwhile Liam and Roxy were having a little water fight with the water pots. once they had run out they used the paint like Ronnie and Harry..

Liam flung a piece of green paint towards Roxy..

It landed on her ass..

"Omg Liam!" Roxy Chuckled Peering over her shoulder to Look at her now green ass..

"Hahaha! Harry Ronnie Come look.."

Harry and Ronnie jogged over and burst out laughing!

 "You three cant laugh look at you!" Roxy roared in Laughter..

All three Looked down realizing they was just as bad..

They all had the Giggles..

"WHATS GOING ON HERE!!" Mrs Smith Growled..

"What does it look like?" Harry Laughed!

"Right that's it all of you go too Isolation.."

"Yay! We love it up there its like our second home!" Ronnie Screamed.




All four walked up too isolation..

"Your here again guys?" Mr Jep called..

"Yeahh As usual" Roxy Yelled Back..

He came strolling through towards us..

"Oh god look at you! Go home and Get cleaned up and come back.. Im trusting you.."

"Okay..We will." Liam said sarcastically..


They ran out the school..

Liam and Roxy holding hands..

Ronnie on harrys back..

They arrived at there houses and went inside..

Got ready and walked back out side..

Beens as they all live right next too each other it didn't take that long..

"Were not really going back are we?" Roxy Questioned ..

"When have we ever gone back.." Ronnie Answered..



"Lets go have some fun.." Harry winked and ran down the road with Ronnie Roxy and Liam chasing after him..



What was he up too...

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