“Is this it? Is this how the world ends? It cant be. It wont be, we have to work together. Don’t you see? If we don’t it will be the end of everything.”

Russia is evacuated and orphan Annushka Volkov is moved to the UK after Robots have invaded earth and taken the form of human bodies. The only safe place is the UK. She can trust no one. Not even the ones she loves.
Little does she know that some of the people moving from Russia aren’t all she expected them to be.

A fight for survival and refuge. Love and sacrifice. The human race in its true colours.


1. Prologue

“Sir, there are four hostages. We can’t risk it!”

“I am in charge here, soldier! You listen to my orders. I know what I’m doing, I’ve served long enough. Now put the general on!”, Captain Aleksei Volkov shouted into the walkie-talkie. He was in charge of this mission and it was critical everyone in the RIA (Russian Intelligence Agency)co-operated with him.

There were four hostages taped to chairs in front of the bank. Inside the bank was the world renowned terrorist group, “Insomnia”. If he could take them all out he would be the most famous man in the world.    

“Sir, the sniper team are ready to be deployed”

Four men were guarding the entrance doors and one was on the roof watching for helicopters maybe. The main man, the leader, Riktov Pasternak, was inside probably with another one of his guys to keep him company. As far as Aleksei knew they were there for money, but that wasn’t all. The things they could do with the money was vast. Perhaps they wanted it to spend on weapons? Bombs? No, they were planning something much worse- a biochemical attack on all the capitals of the world. So they could take over each capital one by one and conquer the world. It seemed a bit far fetched but it could be done.

“There are a confirmed 7 hostiles in the building but there could possibly be 10 at the most. Do not miss any of them. I repeat, DO NOT MISS. Now fire at will.”

Quiet clicks were heard faintly as though they were miles away. After every click was a thud as one by one the four men guarding the doors fell to the ground. The man on the roof had disappeared- probably dead. Seconds later the man from the roof was at the front door with another man, who was much taller, at his side.

“Riktov has told you to stand down. But no, no, no, you have to interfere. I think its time we get rid of these four.”, he place his revolver to the head of the hostage on the far left. “Three…two…on-“

Click. Thud. His body dropped to the floor beside the hostage. Click. Thud. The taller man fell to the ground, limp. One more person was left- Riktov Pasternak.

“Get me five men in there! Find and kill Riktov on sight!”, Captain Volkov ordered. Five men followed straight after and searched the building but found no one. However, they did find a small tape recorder with the words “Listen, Insomnia” written on the front and signed by Riktov.

“Clear!” a soldier announced and then signalled to search the place in more depth. “Captain, you might want to take a look at this” the captain took the tape of the soldier. He walked back to his truck and placed it in the player. “Captain Aleksei Volkov, you have just humiliated me, the almighty powerful Riktov, in front of Russia and my men. Those men were my brothers, my family. You will pay the price and get exactly what you deserve! Keep your family close you never know when I might pay you a visit. BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…”


It was silent inside the Volkov family’s house- apart from the occasional snore. Annushka Volkov, 6 years old, was sleeping peacefully until a loud smash downstairs woke her. Her mother and father were awake too.

“Annushka, go back in your room. Daddy will go and see what it was. Don’t worry.” Her mother, Eva Volkov whispered calmly as she took Annushka back to her room.

Aleksei Volkov had a good idea of who the visitor might be.

At the end of the hall way surrounded by the shattered glass from the back door was a black figure.

“Ah. Captain, fancy seeing you up so late. You haven’t woken the child have you?” It was Riktov- he had a voice that certainly gave him away.

“Riktov, you have to leave. Stay away from me and my family or I may shoot you.”

“Now. Now, Captain. Don’t get all touchy. I only want to kill you.”

Annushka and her mother sat in her room on her pink princess bed. Waiting…

“Mummy?” Annushka whispered,” Who’s Daddy talking to? I’m scared. Tell him to come back”

“Darling, Daddy will be fine. He knows what he’s do-“.

Bang. Thud.

“Sweet heart, get in here.” Annushka’s mother opened her fathers ‘Secret Box’. It was stashed full of weapons. Her mother began pulling some out to make room for Annushka. “Anna, as soon as I close this box I want you to call the police. Tell them your name and that Riktov is here. They will understand. I love you so much.” Tears began to roll down her mother’s cheek.

“Is daddy ok, mummy?”

“He’s in a better place now.” She replied through the tears that didn’t seem to stop. “Be brave my Annushka.” She shut the box lid and locked it.

Anna listened through heavy breaths. Nothing. Just silence. She dialled in the number for the police and pressed ‘call’. “Beep beep… Beep beep… Hello, police how may we be at your service?”

“My name is Annushka Volkov” she stuttered. “Riktov is here. My daddy he- he’s…” she began to cry. The tears rushing down her face like waterfalls.

“Its OK, we are on our way. Stay put.”

She listened intently. Her mothers voice! She could hear it very faintly.

“Please! Don’t hurt us! Please leave us alone!” her mother was begging.

“Shut up! Or I will make sure it is a slow death.” Riktov threatened.

Her mother was crying now. All Annushka wanted to do was get out of this box and go to her parents but she couldn’t. She knew she couldn’t because her mother wanted her hidden.

“I’ve just about had enough of you!” Riktov screamed, so loud it felt like he was right next to her.

Bang. Bang. Thud.

Sirens could be heard in the distance. Riktov ran. Out past Annushka’s mother, right past her father and out into the back garden. He could see police swarming through the side gate into the garden.

“STOP! DO NOT MOVE!” a police officer shouted to him with a gun pointed.

“What? Or you’ll shoot me?” Riktov replied. He swiftly jumped over the fence at the back of the garden. Without realising, he had just jumped into a rapidly flowing river- there was no way even the best swimmer in the world could survive that. Riktov was well and truly gone.

The police searched the house and found Annushka. Her father was dead, one shot straight in his heart. Her mother on the other hand was still breathing. They took her and Annushka to the hospital. Her mother was laid on a stretcher and put in to an ambulance. Annushka was took in a police car.

“Where’s my mummy? Can I go and see her yet? Is she OK?” Anna asked the nurse who had just examined her for any cuts or bruises- she had found none.

“I’m not sure. I’ll sit you in the waiting room and someone will call you in.” the nurse lead Anna to the waiting room.

Anna waited for what seemed like hours to be called in. Then a doctor caught her attention.

“Anna, is it?” he asked.

“Yes, I want my mummy.”

“I’m very sorry to say this darling. Your mummy didn’t make it. Miss Chekov will take care of you now.” He began to walk away.

“Can I see her? I want to say bye bye.” Anna asked.

The doctor turned around and looked at her sympathetically. “Go with Miss Chekov now.”

Her eyes started to well up with tears. She looked at the red haired chubby lady with sad eyes and then looked back down the hallway to the wing her mother would have been on.

“Bye bye, mummy. Sleep tight.” She turned to walk away and whispered, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

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