He Was My Best Friend {Justin Bieber}

Justin was Alix's best friend, but when Justin tells her to just forget about him because he will be moving away to fulfill his dreams, everything falls apart. She starts arguing with her parents and getting into trouble. She has been suspended from school many times and has been in at east 15 fist fights in the last year that Justin left. She changed the way she dressed and the way she looked, but, just changing your looks doesn't change everything. Alix self-harms and Alix can sometimes break down in tears when she's alone. But, this year, her mom is sending her to college with Justin's bestfriends, Ryan and Chaz. Justin changed too, he couldn't stop thinking about Alix, and how he upset her so much. Ryan and Chaz hasn't mentioned her to him but this year, he's going to college too.


1. Characters

Alix Taylor {Ariana Grande}

Ryan Butler {You know who he is}

Chaz Somers {You know who he is}

Justin Bieber {You know who he is}


Amy {Kylie Jenner}



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