I'm Somebody, He's Nobody - Michael Clifford Fanfic

Kassie Bray is a popular at Crestwood High School, Australia. Michael Clifford is a "nobody", a secluded boy who sits at the back of her math class with his earphones in. Kallie knows dating him would be bad for her image, but she can't quite seem to get him out of her head. And Michael, for the matter, is pretty anti-populars, so how will he get on with her?


2. Chapter Two; Lunch Fun

The cafeteria was crowded with people, buzzing around buying food, or just standing about gossiping. Ana and I grabbed food, and sat over at our usual table. It was funny to see everyone stare over, and I noticed some of the kids were telling each other who we were. "Perks of popularity, eh?" Ana asked. There were 6 of us at the table - Ana, Favor, Ashton, Darragh, Jade and I. It was the same table we used every year. Close to the glass wall, but not too close to be blinding on warm days. Near the centre of the cafeteria, it was just named "The Populars table" now. "So?" Jade asked, as she dug into her sandwich. "First day gossip?" she questioned. "Dude, we've been back for like, five hours," Ana reminded her. 

As we all started discussing and laughing over the first day back, my mind wandered to think where Michael was now. I realised I never did see him around at lunchtime. I directed my mind back to the current conversation; teachers clothing. 

"I think she looks like a pig in that cardigan," Favor commented. "Ms. Lavelle?" I asked, to a nod. "What about how freakin' sexy Mr. Lyons is, though?" Ana interrupted, to groans from the guys. "But we don't talk about Miss Brady in front of you," Darragh complained. "Shut up, ginger," I giggled, to get a jokey death glare back. 

We spent the rest lunch making plans to go see a movie on Friday. "Can I bring a couple friends?" Ashton had questioned, to which we nodded. The back of my mind nagged that Michael might be there, but of course I knew Michael didn't like groups of people. 

As the first bell signalling to go to class went off, we all got up, slouching off to class. Jade and I headed off to Biology. Heading into the lab, I could smell the chemicals as I sat with Rhiannon, the girl our teacher had paired with me with. My head was filled, however, with the memory of Michaels scent, and how that was a perfume more toxic than any chemical in the lab. 

a/n: That kinda sucked but I wanted something up today so here you go!! I'm on midterm break so there should be a couple updates this week. xx

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