I'm Somebody, He's Nobody - Michael Clifford Fanfic

Kassie Bray is a popular at Crestwood High School, Australia. Michael Clifford is a "nobody", a secluded boy who sits at the back of her math class with his earphones in. Kallie knows dating him would be bad for her image, but she can't quite seem to get him out of her head. And Michael, for the matter, is pretty anti-populars, so how will he get on with her?


1. Chapter One; Math Class

Coming back after school is never fun, that's for sure. Goodbye long Summer nights, beaches and campfires. Hello study, exams, early mornings and class. 

But I guess it was a good thing I got to see him again. 

Not like he knew me. Well, to be honest, it wasn't like I knew him. Everyone knew me, and I genuinely didn't mean that in a bad way. But being popular is just something I always have been. People knowing me, talking about me, watching my every move... It's just part of my lifestyle, now. 

But that was never to say that he was one of the populars. Not at all. He was the quiet kid who sat in the back of my French, Math and English classes. Shit, he was hot. He sat by himself, listening to music and writing in that ever-present journal of his.

Michael. I only knew his name as he was friends with Ashton, one of the mildly-popular guys of the year above. According to Ashton, Michael preferred to be on his own, play guitar or write songs. He was cute, though. And he just appealed to me, like no other guy had before. 


The atmosphere walking into Math class first day back on a Monday was never exciting. We all shoved into the room, still saying our hellos and complaining about the Summer ending. Everyone was gossiping and complaining, and just as we got seated Mr. Lyons walked in. 

Mr Lyons was the hottest teacher, ever. He made every girl in the school swoon, and he was my second favorite piece of eye-candy in Math, the first being Michael. "Good morning, class," Mr. Lyons greeted us. As we all noticed him waving about a seating plan, there was a collective groan as everyone stood up from their chosen seats. 

The class of 25 slowly thinned out. I quickly glanced around at who was left. The back row was left unoccupied, and a grin appeared on my face as I realised I has a back seat. "Michael and Kassie, please?" Mr Lyons asked, and my heart did a quick flip as I threw my bag down, sliding into the left seat. As Michael sat on my right, next to the window, I flashed him a friendly smile, turning him slightly pink and he raised his eyebrows bashfully back. I suppressed a giggle, opening my book. 

As the lesson started, I noticed Michael was, as usual, doodling away in his notebook. "Whatcha writing?" I whispered, leaning into him. I smelt his delicious scent; chocolate, mint, coffee with a hint of.. His skin, I supposed. He smelt better than any other guy I had ever smelt. 

His cheeks turned a light shade of baby pink, and he looked up. "Uhm, just sketching," he responded. "Awesome. Do you like art? Or English?" I questioned, but as his mouth opened to answer, Mr Lyons looked over and we both fell silent. 

The rest of the class couldn't have passed quicker. I left intoxicated with the boys perfume. I had decided he smelt more of chocolate, something weirdly floral in the best way possible, and wood. Not that I was complaining. Filing into the hall with my best friends, we headed quickly to Geography, already bored of the school routine; we weren't even back an hour. 

A/n: Wow thanks if you read this far! This is my first fanfic so it might be slightly rubbish. Please excuse typos, I didn't reread bc tired. Feedback either here on in my tumblr inboc would be rad! New chapter by Friday. xx

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