The Vacation


9. Chapter 9

When we came home the other girls were like "we have to have at girl meeting". And I had to go with them even that they probably would ask to me and Adrian.

"What's between you and Adrian?" "Have you guys kissed?" "Since when had you liked him?" They attacked me with questions. But I was clever enough to answer with a question. "Sup, Victoria what about you and Vincent?" The girls were surprised and attacked Victoria instead so I could sneak out to the boys. "What were you talking about?" would Vincent know. "And why did you left?" "Oh, just girl-stuff and I would rather talk about boy-stuff" I said and laughed a bit. "Hey Vincent I actually think that they would like to have company" I said to him so he would let me and Adrian alone. Now when it was only the two of us we sat in the sofa. We talked a bit about random things. He started to kiss me. The butterflies in my stomach were now millions. I think I smiled a bit while we were kissing. He was very eager and again he tried to take his hands under my shirt. This time I let him do it a bit longer, but only because I wouldn't stop our kiss. It was amazing. He looked at me when I again had moved his hands. "I didn't thought you thought I was so slutty" I said. Then Victorias father came through the door. And I pretended that we were playing. "Where's Victoria?" He asked. "In the girls room" I answered and he went in the girls room. Adrian tried to look me deep in my eyes. "Sofie" he said and waited what felt like years. "I will be honest and say that I didn't thought I would but I started to like like you" he said and sounded real. "Yeah, right sweetie I'm not going to believe that. It's only because you wanna get in my pants" I said hoping it was not right. "What do you want me to do to prove it" he said a bit desperate. I shouldn't think long time to find the perfect thing I wasn't even sure if he would do it if he liked me. "Kiss me in front of your father"

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