The Vacation


8. Chapter 8

When we were eating Adrian only talked with Vincent. I bet that was because his father was there.

At the night I once again was pretending to sleep. But Adrian laid down in my bed and started kissing me at. "I know you're not sleeping" he said between the kisses. I decided to open my eyes. "What more do you want to hear?" he asked. "Oh... Just how it went with Victoria" I lied. "Sure," he said not believing me "why didn't you just ask?" I didn't answer but laid me at his chest and fell a sleep. I waked up in the morning. Alone. I heard some whispering voices. "I think I'm really started to like her" I heard. I thought it was Vincent.

When we were out skiing we had to be with our parents. Adrian was really weird. He only talked to Vincent and only wanted to take the lift with Vincent. He didn't talk to me or any of the other girls.

When I finally ended up in lift with Adrian I asked: "Okay so we're not even talking when our parents are here" "sorry sweetie" he said and kissed me. Even though there were parents right behind us. "Okay, lovebirds I'm here too" Vincent said, but I ignored him. "You don't need to say sorry I just wanted to know where we stood" I said. "How do you want it?" He asked. "Maybe we could just talk" I said with hope in my voice. "Of course" he said. "Just ignore me" Vincent said and we all laughed. When we were at the top he hit me with his stick. But as soon his father came it was only talking.

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