The Vacation


6. Chapter 6

The next day I didn't talk to Adrian at all. I just thought it would be easier and less awkward. so every time was near me I went to one of the others long way from him. I had a great day and it seemed like Vincent and Victoria had too.

When we came home I was sadly the slowest to set my skies and when the others were inside the house Adrian took my arm so we were facing each other. I looked at him at waited for him to say something. "Why have you avoided me all day?" He asked confused. I looked down to my feet. "I don't know" I mumbled "maybe I don't want a vacation flirt" I looked up and saw a smile grew on his face. "Come on it will be fun" he said kissed me on my cheek and took my hand and walked into the house. the others were started to play a game. And because Adrian and I came last we were on the same team. We sat in the little sofa. I complained about the pain in my legs. Adrian clapped at his legs. I looked at him and laid my legs at his. He started massaging my legs while we were playing. He went up higher and higher. And at a time I thought it was to high so I took his hands down to a lower place. He took his phone and wrote: GO INTO OUR ROOM AFTER THE GAME

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