The Vacation


4. Chapter 4

"When I saw Sofie skiing today I just wanted to go hug her" he said. Omg Sofie she was just as curious as me. But I couldn't tell her. Maybe I was moving to hardly, I don't know but no matter what they stopped talking and after a while they said goodnight.

The next day went by very slowly I really wanted it to be night so I could hear more. When I was standing and waiting on the others to came down the hill someone suddenly came from my back and drove into me. I look surprised at the person to see who it was. It was Adrian. He hadn't been really hugging on this vacation so I thought it was a bit weird that he suddenly did something like that, but that was just as he was. "Adrian shit you scared me" I almost screamed. He just laughed and said that he was sorry. The others came and we weren't talking again until we walked to they house with our skies. We were the last one that was outside. And I decided to say that I heard them last night. "Oh, so it's Sofie huh? Please don't hurt her she's not used to it. Please tell her that it isn't more than this vacation" I started. He looked very surprised at me. He moved closer. And looked at me as if he were going to say something really seriously. I looked back in his eyes but I couldn't see what they were trying to say. The next thing that happened, happened so quickly and so slow at the same time. He took his hands on my waist and made me come closer to him. He looked at my lips and then deep in my eyes. Then his lips touched my lips in a deep long kiss.

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